Marie Kondo's KonMari Shop Features Kitchen Items, Home Decor, & More To Spark Joy

Whether you're a new follower of her decluttering strategies or an OG KonMari pro, fans of Marie Kondo's methods can now get a leg up on their organizational journey by investing in pieces from Marie Kondo's KonMari Shop online. Everything is beautiful and truly looks like it will help keep your home sleek and streamlined.

If you have already watched every episode of Tidying Up on Netflix, have introduced your kids to Kiki & Jax, and KonMari folded every pair of jeans within a 20-mile radius, you can still get your fill of Marie Kondo's magical joy-sparking movement when you shop the plethora of home organization goods and decor in the KonMari shop. From tablecloths to incense burners, the items in this shop are elegant, useful, and designed to enhance your decluttered lifestyle.

Ahead of the holiday season, the shop is the ideal place to find a gift for the main two types of people in your life — the Marie Kondo loyalists, and those who have yet to discover her life-changing ways. You can appease those who already love her approach to housekeeping with an array of minimalistic decor items, and encourage the ones who struggle in the decluttering department with the tools they'll need to get started. For example, this collection of colorful tins is great for anyone needing to organize pantry staples like rice, flour, or sugar.

In addition to organizational goods, the shop also boasts many products that will help keep your home eco-friendly. The refillable bottles of all natural hand soap, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, and laundry detergent by Common Good are all featured on the site.

In the kitchen, you can now cook and serve your meals with as much of the organizational vigor as you use to arrange your pantry. From serving platters to stainless steel straws, your kitchen can be completely decked out with KonMari essentials. Although many of the kitchen utensil pieces are quite a bit pricier than their big box store counterparts ($156 for a hand-forged brass small cheese knife is one example), the quality of each item — many handcrafted and made from fine materials like brass — seems to speak to the high price point.

Some of the top kitchen gift ideas in the shop are the collection of items for tea brewing. Tea lovers can sip on their favorite brews purchased directly from the Bellocq tea collection in the shop, stored in a handcrafted Japanese tea container and brewed in a stylish glass teapot.

Giving the gift of relaxation might be one of my favorite things to do for friends and family during the holiday season, and I can think of absolutely nothing more relaxing than a nice long soak in a hot bath. The bath essentials available in the KonMari shop include luxurious bath towels, a charcoal body scrub towel, and artistic mini soaps created by California-based company UME Studio in multiple scents to invigorate the senses. While each of these items are great to give or receive during the holidays, I will personally be sending a hint to my husband about splurging on the Linen Kimono Robe and Leather Room Shoes so I can feel like I'm walking on clouds.

Of course, the gift of sparking joy all starts with reading Marie Kondo's iconic book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. If anyone on your Christmas list hasn't done a deep-dive into this trove, you can snag a copy in the online shop. Pair the book with any of the essentials listed above and you can give a gift this holiday season that will keep your loved ones organized long after their Christmas tree comes down.