Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will have a walking toddler on their hands in the near future.
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Sounds Like Little Archie Is A Baby On The Move

If you've been wondering what the Sussex family has been up to since stepping back from the royal family earlier this year, I think the answer might be keeping up with their baby boy. Apparently, according to a royal correspondent, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's son Archie is on the move these days and is "just about" to start walking.

Markle and Prince Harry are currently living in Los Angeles, California, according to Vogue, where they've been keeping a pretty low profile with 1-year-old son Archie Harrison. The couple have made a few video appearances, like a recent meeting they sat in on for the Queen's Commonwealth Trust and discussed the history of systemic racism, as well as volunteering to feed vulnerable community members during the coronavirus pandemic.

And of course, they're busy with their little boy. Getting busier all the time, if royal correspondent Katie Nicholl is correct. She recently shared an update with Entertainment Tonight about Archie, and it seems the little boy is getting ready to take his first steps. "I think he is just about walking. He's a very happy little boy, he's loving life in L.A.," Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight.

Fortunately the couple have had more time at home with their little boy to allow them to be there for those big moments, as Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight: "They really do love that family time and they've had a lot of that recently. They both feel very grateful for that time they've had at home with Archie, watching him achieve all of those milestones."

The last time royal watchers saw Archie was on his first birthday, when Markle read Duck! Rabbit! to him to help promote charitable organization Save The Children. Even in May, Archie looked like he was going to be a busy boy, squirming in his mom's arms and generally being a regular toddler.

It's not entirely surprising that Archie is getting ready to walk. In February, a woman who spoke with Markle told the Daily Mail that the Duchess of Sussex had said that Archie was was already "trying to walk" at 10 months old, so he's apparently been in the process for a few months.

The walking milestone isn't the only one Markle and Prince Harry have been on hand to enjoy in recent months. A royal insider told Us Weekly at the beginning of June that the sweet boy has started saying words, with four particular words on rotation: "Mama," "Dada," "Dog," and "Book."

Markle and Prince Harry might not have official duties as senior members of the royal family any longer, but it sounds like they're being kept pretty busy with their new roles all the same. Their roles as parents of a toddler getting ready to walk, which is pretty much the busiest role there is out there.