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Mindy Kaling's Latest Cooking Video Shows How Fast Her Daughter Is Growing Up

Mindy Kaling is one busy mama — but she somehow finds the time to meal prep for her daughter, Katherine. The actress often shares tutorial videos of her meal preps to Instagram, but this weekend, she took things to the next level. Mindy Kaling's new video about cooking for her daughter shows how fast little Katherine is growing.

On Saturday, Kaling greeted those viewing her Instagram Story by declaring that "Chef Mindy is back!" In the past, her cooking tutorial videos have mostly documented her making baby food — aka she would blend foods together into traditional mushy baby noms. (You can still watch all those past stories in her Instagram Story highlights.) But now that Katherine is 1 year old, Kaling is cooking her grown up food. This weekend, she made her little girl "Petite Crustless Quiches."

"It's always a challenge to get your baby to eat proteins, because all they'll want is like berries and sweets and stuff like that," Kaling told her followers during the Story. "So I am making these delicious Petite Crustless Quiches. So she'll think they're just like little muffins, but they're actually like, full of protein. Ha ha ha, joke's on you, Katherine."

Is it just me, or is it hard to believe Katherine is already old enough to be eating quiches?! Gosh darn it they grow up so fast.

Kaling starts out the recipe by whisking together a bunch of eggs with some flour. She seems to think this process is called blending, but she's literally using a hand mixer with a whisk attachment, and there are no blades in sight, so I'm pretty confident it's not blending. But anyway, this mixup prompts her to come up with her cooking catchphrase: "Get my blend on." She jokes that it will be her catchphrase for her cooking show. "Look out, Chrissy Teigen!" she adds with a laugh.

Then, Kaling sautés onions, peppers, garlic, and ground turkey meat in a pan, and mixes "the egg glop into like, the meat glop," before stirring "the glops together until they become one." She also adds "more cheese than the recipe called for."

Once all the ingredients are cooked together, she reveals that she owns a 48-cup muffin tin. "You guys are about to witness the biggest muffin pan you have ever seen. It's literally for an entire elementary school," Kaling joked, as she sprayed the pan with Pam. "But it's just for my daughter, because if I make these little quiches, I won't have to cook later, I can freeze them, because I'm lazy."

Then, she filled the mixture into the tin in a pretty messy process. #Relatable. "I'm making an enormous mess, but my daughter's so little, she can't judge me," Kaling joked, before reaching out to a celebrity friend about cooking without making a mess.

"This is my question for Jennifer Garner. How do you keep your kitchen so clean when you're cooking?" she joked, before calling her messy muffin tin "a disaster."

After 20 minutes in the oven, the quiches were complete. Sure, they weren't the prettiest quiches in the world, but they were made with love! "OK so I’m not a food stylist," Kaling joked in the caption of her Insta post revealing the final product.

It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed since Kaling became a mom, and the fact that Katherine is eating such grown-up food makes that even more apparent. Hopefully Kaling continues to share her food tutorials with followers — especially now that the food has transitioned from mush into muffins.

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