three pairs of old navy flip flops on sale for Columbus day
Old Navy

Stock Up On $2 Flip Flops, $3 Onesies & Much More At Old Navy's Columbus Day Sale

The only thing I like about Columbus Day are the sales. Sure, when we were in elementary school and didn't know any better it was fun to sing about the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria, but the best Old Navy Columbus Day 2019 deals are definitely something to celebrate and sing about — because they are pretty spectacular. Now that is something I can get behind.

This sale starts now through Columbus Day, and guys, there are $3 onesies, $2 flip flops, 50% off all jeans & sweaters, and more. You can even get bikini bottoms for $6, which is a steal. I know fall is upon us, but surely you can snag a few of Old Navy's famous flip flops and bathing suits and squirrel them away until spring break, right? And your baby definitely can never have too many onesies. It's the law. Plus, all the discounted tank tops and undershirts are perfect for layering when you need to bundle up this fall and winter, and you know Old Navy never goes out of style because their basic pieces are staples of everyone's closets. I still live in their solid-color v-neck tees that I bought years ago for just $8. Not sure if that says something more about me and my style than it does Old Navy, but there you have it. If you're a die-hard Old Navy fan like I am, I highly suggest you run, don't walk, to your nearest Old Navy (or nearest computer) to check out these Columbus Day Sales.


Rockstar Skinny Cords

Cords are definitely in style this season, and you'll totally look like a rock star in these super skinny cords. You'll feel like a rock star for getting them 50% off, am I right?


Funnel-Neck Sweater

Classic. Chic. This funnel-neck sweater is perfect for fall. Warm, cozy, soft, and only $12.


Pullover Hoodie

Everyone needs a good hoodie for fall — especially if they're only $11. Plus, this hoodie is awesome because it comes in regular, tall, and petite sizes in five different colors: chrome grey, hunter pines, kyanite, maroon jive, and black.


Fit & Flare Skirt

Perfect for the office or a night on the town, a cute fit-and-flare skirt is definitely a closet staple that you can mix and match with different tops for so many styles. Plus, with fall coming you can layer it with colorful tights for more warmth and for a fun look.


Striped Tee

Everyone needs a good striped, comfy tee. And for just $6, you should definitely add this staple to your closet because it's perfect for spring and fall layering.


Plus Size Crew Neck Sweater

Nothing says fall like a warm, cozy knit sweater, and you'll definitely bring the sunshine to any room in this beautiful yellow crew-neck sweater. If yellow is not your style, it also comes in black, blush on you, blue marl, and oatmeal.


Baby Skinny Jeans

I love Old Navy jeans for my baby, because not only are they soft and easy to put on and take off for diaper changes, but aren't they just super stylish? Even better? They're super durable when my kid is crawling around at the playground or in our house, wearing out the knees. They're still holding up great.


Baby Jersey Dress

Does this dress come in adult sizes please? Paired with leggings or tights and boots, this just may be the perfect fall dress for your baby. It's also only $5, so if you love this pattern, you should totally check out all the other patterns Old Navy has.


Baby Thermal Bodysuit

Baby will stay warm, cozy, and cute in this amazing dinosaur thermal onesie. Perfect for layers or just worn on its own to show off the dinos.


Plus-Size Ruffled Dress

This dress could be paired with a smart blazer or cardigan, and some tights to bring it into fall. And at just $13, you definitely don't want to miss out on having this piece in your closet.


11. Baby 2-Pack Jersey Dresses

What's better than one adorable baby jersey dress? Two adorable baby jersey dresses for just $9.


Baby Ruffle Leggings

Nothing is cuter than a baby with ruffles on their butt — except maybe for the fact that these Ruffle-Trim Leggings for Baby are just $8.


Toddler Knit Henley

Your kid will feel super cool and be super comfortable in this adorable knit henley tee for just $8.


Plus-Size, High-Waisted Zip-Up Pants

These super-chic, high-waisted, zip-up pants are perfect for the office or date night.


Toddler Printed Leggings

Every toddler needs leggings. They're comfortable, easy to take on and off, and cute to boot. Since these leggings are just $4, you should definitely get a pair in every pattern Old Navy has on sale right now.


16. Toddler Polo

Every kid needs a good polo shirt, and how can you say no to a polo shirt that's just $5? In fact, for that price, pick one up in squash and red.


Toddler Crew-Neck Tee

I may or may not have added this to my cart while writing this article so I could buy this adorable shirt for my son later. And it is only $4, so you should totally follow my lead and snag one, too.


Plus-Size High-Waisted Boot-Cut Jeans

Boot-cut jeans look amazing on everyone, and these $21 jeans will make you feel great inside and out.

Edit note: This piece has been updated from it's original version.