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One Paris Attacker Identified As French National In Wake Of Deadly Terrorist Plot — REPORT

UPDATE: One day after ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Paris terror attacks, France reportedly launched airstrikes against the militant group in Syria, dropping 20 bombs in the area. Some targets were destroyed, according to reports, but not much else is known about the airstrikes.

One of the suspected suicide bombers has been identified as Ismael Omar Mostefai. Authorities also confirmed that seven of the assailants have died, and the attacks were carried out by three coordinated groups. Paris police, however, are currently hunting for an eighth attacker who may still be at large, who has been identified as 26-year-old Abdeslam Salah.

Officials have confirmed that a police raid in Belgium led to the arrests of seven individuals who may have ties to the attacks.

On Saturday, French president François Hollande has also put the blame on ISIS, calling their actions an "act of war." Said ISIS in a statement released less than 24 hours after the attacks:

France needs to know it still remains at the top of the target list of the Islamic State.

The death toll currently sits at about 130, with over 350 wounded. (One of those killed was an American woman studying abroad in France.) According to French Prosecutor François Molins, nearly 100 of those wounded are critically injured.

EARLIER: On Friday, devastating terrorist attacks claimed the lives of at least 120 people and left hundreds more wounded (with more than 80 critically injured), as six shootings, three explosions, and eight terrorists stormed the city of Paris, France. On Saturday morning, police reported they've identified one of the Paris terrorist attackers: a Frenchman who was identified using fingerprints and was reportedly involved in the hostage situation at the Bataclan Concert Hall. The attacker was man from the southern Parisian neighborhood of Courcouronnes, the Daily Mail is reporting, and was also apparently known to French anti-terrorist authorities ahead of Friday's attacks.

The individual was described on the France 24 livestream as a "French national known for their radical ties," who, per The Associated Press, also had "links to Islamic extremism."

CNN is also reporting via their affiliate French 2 that a second attacker has been identified via a Syrian passport outside the Stade de France. However, CNN has yet to confirm this. The Daily Mail reports that police have yet to authenticate the Syrian passport, as many were forged by individuals entering Europe, and it is believed, at this time, that the attacker was 25 years old.

Deputy public order minister Nikos Toskas confirmed to BBC World News that the holder of the Syrian passport crossed into Europe via Leros, a Greek island, in October. His statement reads:

On the case of the Syrian passport found at the scene of the terrorist attack, we announce that the passport holder passed from Leros on October 3 where he was identified based on EU rules ... We do not know if the passport was checked by other countries through which the holder likely passed.

The Daily Mail also reports that a third attacker has been identified as well, via an Egyptian passport found on one of the three attackers outside of the Stade de France, though this has yet to be confirmed. It's expected that more information will continue to trickle out about the identified assailant and the others involved. Earlier this morning, ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks, citing, among other things, that "France needs to know it still remains at the top of the target list of the Islamic State."

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