peekaboo cookie monster

Peekaboo Cookie Monster Sings, Hiccups, & Hides Behind A Giant You-Know-What

I can't be the only parent who witnessed their child learn the third letter of the alphabet simply by watching Cookie Monster. "Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C" was a regular tune in our household and I imagine this new toy from Hasbro would have been too had it been available when my 4-year-old was a wee lad. Peekaboo Cookie Monster is just what the name suggests: A toy Cookie Monster that plays peek-a-boo with an oversized cookie and it's gosh darn delightful.

Loaded with Cookie's signature phrases — "Me busy eating cookie," "Me love cookie," and the peekaboo-specific "You not find Cookie Monster" — your child will instantly recognize their favorite PBS character. (He makes silly sounds, too, including hiccups... from eating too much cookie.) The talking plush Sesame Street star is designed to engage babes 18 months and up with his goofy game.

Which is to say, you won't have to play peekaboo for hours on end. Don't get me wrong, I love a little round of peekaboo as much as the next mom. But when the phone rings and dinner is bubbling, sometimes you might need a little baby distraction. Enter Peekaboo Cookie Monster. Just set him up on your child's play mat and watch the giggles begin. All your tot has to do is give his belly a squeeze and Cookie will hide behind his oversized namesake treat.


Equally crucial for parents: At 13 inches, the soft blue fella is big enough not to get lost in a pile of stuffed animals, critically important when considering the terrors of hearing a phantom Cookie Monster in the middle of the night.

So to recap: this toy entertains your child for you and is large enough not to be a choking hazard. Win/win.

Mark your calendars. Peekaboo Cookie Monster ($30) isn’t in stores yet, but PopSugar reports that new toy will be available for purchase on August 1.