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Pink Says Willow Thought Her Baby Brother Was A "Total Disappointment" As A Newborn

It's always hard on the first child when a new baby arrives. All of a sudden, their entire world changes and even if they aren't dealing with diapers and late night feedings, it totally messes with their minds. Case in point? Pink says that Willow thought her little brother was a "disappointment," and to be honest, it's totally reasonable. In an interview with E! News, Pink said that 6-year-old Willow was totally not impressed with baby Jameson when he was born last year.

She told the outlet, "She's liking it now. When he first came out he was a total disappointment to her. I think she thought babies were more fun. I threw the big sister party, I checked all the boxes and it was still an adjustment." Um, who doesn't think that babies are more fun than they actually are? It doesn't mean you can't love them all the same, they're just — yeah, they can be kind of boring and noisy. All things that a 6-year-old girl just does not need.

Pink shared in the same interview that she took such a long break between albums — 3 years to make the album Beautiful Trauma which comes out on Oct. 13 — because she wanted to have two kids.

"I wanted Willow to have a sibling. I wanted her to have somebody to experience being my child with," she joked, according to E! News. "I know she won't always be able to talk to me about stuff."

That's pretty good thinking, even if it was rocky at first. It also goes to show that even with someone like Pink's resources, and even with all the best intentions in the world, the "new baby" is always going to be tough to take for another kid. It happens.

Willow did get a pretty baller big sister party, though. Pink and her husband of 12 years, Carey Hart, threw a bash for Willow in January complete with a chocolate cake and pink and green balloons just after baby Jameson was born.

Pink is just as much about being a mom as she is about being an artist. She told Good Morning America before she was pregnant with Jameson that she wanted more kids. She said:

I love being a mama. I made a choice a long time ago that I was going to have a successful family and that is my absolute number one goal in life. I feel like I have two kids right now. I would like a third. No, I want to say that Carey Hart's an awesome husband and a really good dad, but he's also like a second child.

Sibling rivalry is totally normal. In fact, Pink isn't the only one with two little kids vying for her attention. Kim Kardashian West has said that North was less than thrilled about Saint's arrival and that's it's still a little rocky. She told People in August:

I don’t know if it’s because she’s the older sister. I don’t know what it is. I thought it was a phase. She does not like her brother and it’s so hard for me. She would get so jealous when I would breastfeed and all that kind of stuff. And now, the phase isn’t going away.

However, just this week, as Glamour reported, she said that things are getting better and that North simply doesn't like "boys in her room." Totally fair.

And comedian and author Jenny Mollen just gave birth to her and husband Jason Biggs' second child and already the sibling rivalry is starting. In one of her hilarious and daily Instagram Stories, she told fans on Thursday that her first kid, 3-year-old Sid, "in true Sid fashion," as she put it, stressed himself out into a fever just a week after his brother came into the world and insisted that Mollen and Biggs slept in his room with him.

Even celebrity kids, with the most empowering, chill moms like Pink, can hate their little brothers and sisters. Willow, North, and Sid should totally start a club.

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