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Ashley Graham Is All About Facial Acupuncture During Her Pregnancy — VIDEO

Ashley Graham is currently in her third trimester of her first pregnancy, and as so many pregnant women know, this can be a time of extremes. Extreme excitement, extreme exhaustion, extreme joy, extreme discomfort... So what does she do to deal with all of those extremes? In a recent Instagram post, Graham revealed she gets facial acupuncture while pregnant for all sorts of reasons as she prepares to welcome her bundle of joy.

The Sports Illustrated model announced in August that she and her filmmaker husband, Justin Ervin, are expecting their first baby together in early 2020. Since then, Graham has been keeping her millions of followers on social media entertained and informed about her pregnancy. Whether that means sharing videos of her incredibly strenuous-looking workout routines or getting vulnerable in posts about her mixed feelings about her changing body, Graham has been open and honest about her journey.

And on Wednesday, she took to Instagram to share something that has really helped her as she grows her baby boy inside her belly: acupuncture, an ancient procedure developed in China where pressure points in the body are stimulated with tiny needles. "I have been doing acupuncture throughout my whole pregnancy and I have to say it’s been keeping my body feeling so good!" she captioned a video she shared on Instagram.

It seems the acupuncture treatments Graham was seeking out on Wednesday were for dealing with muscle tension and sculpting her jawline. While it looks a bit painful, it doesn't appear to cause Graham any real discomfort. At one point in the video she shakes her face around with the needles dotting her jaw to look like a beard and said, "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!" Yes, a tiny bit of blood came out, but Graham didn't seem terribly bothered by it.

What To Expect notes that acupuncture treatments can potentially help women during their pregnancy in a variety of ways. It can help with morning sickness, alleviate lower back pain, headaches, and even offer expectant moms a better sleep. And as all new parents know, sleep becomes pretty much the most important thing you obsess over with a new baby.

So if you happen to be pregnant, aren't squeamish about tiny needles, and need some help with pain management, you could follow in Ashley Graham's footsteps and get yourself an acupuncture treatment. I'm not even pregnant and now I'm considering it.