Ashley Graham is full of energy in her third trimester.
James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Please Enjoy This Video Of Ashley Graham Twerking At Work While 7.5 Months Pregnant

While the only thing I wanted to do in my third trimester was sleep, nap, and then snooze a little more, Ashley Graham's whole vibe at seven months pregnant is, well, quite the opposite. Truly, the Sports Illustrated model who's expecting her first child in January 2020, has so much energy, as evidenced by a video of her twerking while working, at I'm seriously amazed.

While Graham has just a few months left before she and her husband of nine years, Justin Ervin, welcome their baby boy, she doesn't appear terribly interested in slowing down and resting for the duration. Graham has been staying busy throughout her pregnancy, sharing intense workout videos with her social media followers, working on her podcast Pretty Big Deal where she interviews pretty big deals like Gayle King... apparently she's even working on a new project.

And on Wednesday, the expectant mom took to Instagram to share the news that she recently wrapped a secret new project, and she celebrated the news with a little dance. Well, a little twerk actually... Graham captioned the video, "wrapped a new project and I can’t wait to tell you!! #sevenmonthspregnantandstillworking."

This actually isn't the first time Graham has celebrated a hectic work life with a unique dance. Back in October, for example, Graham shared a hilarious, joyous bump dance to get ready for the weekend on Instagram with the caption, "Ya girl had an 80hr work week, let the weekend celebrations begin!"

Graham's enthusiasm for everything in her life, whether it's her career, her body positive activism, or her family, is seriously infectious. Beyond her beauty and talent, I suspect her joyous energy is the thing that keeps her 9.5 million social media followers wanting to keep up with her every move.

And let's face it: that energy will help her out enormously when her baby arrives. Because being a first time mom can be tough, so why not go into it with as much positive enthusiasm as possible? Go in dancing.