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Carrie Underwood's New Bump Pic Is Her Best One Yet

I really love a super chic celebrity, don't get me wrong. Otherwise, why would I spend so much time watching the Golden Globes and the Oscars and such? It's not like the entertainment value is all that high... I'm just all about those sweet glamour shots. But do you know what I love ever more? A chilled-out celeb, especially if she's pregnant. So Carrie Underwood is just ticking all of my social media boxes in 2019. Underwood wore her husband's shirt in a new bump photo, and I've just never loved her more. Because pregnancy is the time to fully embrace wearing your husband's clothes, I think.

The "Cry Pretty" singer and her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, are expecting their second baby, a boy, later this year (although perhaps not as late as some might have suspected... more on that later). The couple are already parents to 3-year-old son Isaiah, who seems to be getting in loads of cuddle time with his pregnant mom these days. On New Year's Day, the normally well-pulled together Underwood shared a photo of herself curled up on the sofa with Isaiah's head resting on her bare belly. She is wearing a t-shirt from husband Fisher in the shot as well, which she captioned, "Kicking off 2019 right... Me and my boys cuddled up watching a movie. Yes, I’m wearing Mike’s shirt. 😬 #LettingItAllHangOut"

Of course fans loved her laid-back, late pregnancy pose. In a man's t-shirt... something many fans took to her Instagram page to note they wore themselves throughout their pregnancies (or otherwise).

Just chillin'!!! Pretty sure @mfsher1212 Mike doesn't mind sharing!! LOL!
I lived in my husband’s shirts when I was pregnant
I wear my husband's clothes all the time...especially when he's away for a few weeks!

It seems this isn't the first time little Isaiah was cuddled up with his mom and his baby brother while watching a movie, as Underwood shared on Twitter on Christmas Day.

It's also not the first time Underwood has been loud and proud about co-opting her husband's wardrobe during her pregnancy. Back at the end of November, the "Before He Cheats" singer admitted on Twitter that she was wearing her husband's clothes in public because none of her own fit any longer, as Today reported.

These days, it looks as though Underwood's pregnancy might be rounding the corner to the end date. Apparently the expectant mom is having trouble with tying her shoes, which I can tell you tends to mean the end is nigh. She shared a video of her little boy adorably tying her shoes for her with his dad as his helper because she "can no longer tie my own shoes."

Carrie Underwood is obviously enjoying the tail end of her pregnancy... while we don't know when the due date might be, it is most assuredly relatively soon. But as her pregnancy winds down, she is taking time to fully enjoy bonding with her son and her husband. Hanging out, watching movies, and wearing big t-shirts.

So basically me all the time. I've never liked her more.

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