Asian kid boy building house from plastic blocks
Save 30% On Spider-Man LEGO Sets & Almost 50% Off Star Wars Sets On Prime Day

If you are a parent of children who love LEGOs, then your first reaction when you think of the colorful little bricks is probably the same as mine: Ouch. Yes, stepping on those bumpy blocks can send a shockwave from your unsuspecting bare feet all the way up to your brain, but here's the truth about why kids love LEGOs: They are awesome. And with Amazon Prime Day finally upon us, you can save some major bank by shopping these amazing Amazon Prime Day deals on LEGO items.

Fun fact: The word LEGO comes from an abbreviation of two Danish words "leg godt", meaning "play well." Mind blown, right? As explained on the LEGO website, LEGO was founded in 1932 and if my kids' playroom is any indication of its ongoing popularity, LEGO isn't going away anytime soon. In fact, their offerings are only getting better.

Thanks to new technology, including their LEGO BOOST products, kids (and parents) can take their brick-building to the next level and actually learn how to code with their LEGO. So cool.

As you've likely cancelled all your plans today in order to shop all the best Prime deals, don't leave LEGO off your list because these will be gone in a flash.

30% Off Spider-Man Car Set

Designed for ages 4 and up, this LEGO set features 52 pieces that fit together to form an all-terrain vehicle for the included Spider-Man figurine to ride in while he defeats the Green Goblin on his glider.

$35 Off LEGO Friends Treehouse

Build three levels of a magical treehouse with this LEGO Friends Adventure Treehouse set, complete with a precious tire swing and slide, now on sale for Prime Day.

35% Off Classic LEGO Kit

Let your child's imagination run wild with this classic LEGO world set. They can create anything from helicopters to homes with this 295-piece set that includes accessory pieces like a snake, fish, camera, and map.

$40 Off Darth Vader's Castle Set

This mega-set features more than 1,000 pieces that your Star Wars lover can use to create an entirely new universe within Darth Vader's castle.

$36 Off Battery-Operated DUPLO Train Set

Little LEGO lovers will be absolutely thrilled to put together and play with this cargo train set that really moves and can be operated via a remote-control app.

$20 Off LEGO DUPLO Town Farm

There are hours of fun to be had for kids ages 2 to 5 when they build and play with this LEGO DUPLO set featuring farm animals, a barn, tractor, and more.

43% Off Star Wars Fighter Set

LEGO and Star Wars team up to take you to the dark side with this 630-piece Kylo Ren Tie Fighter set, currently marked down by 43 percent for Prime Day.

22% Off LEGO City Set Bundle

These small sets are a favorite stocking stuffer for my boys, and they also make great birthday gifts for their friends, so it makes sense to stock up while they're on sale for Prime Day at two boxes for just $16.

20% Off LEGO Minifigure Display Cases

These LEGO figurine display cases will save your sanity when it comes time to clean up and your kid can't find their favorite character pieces. With this set of three figurine cases, you'll have plenty of room for all of your kid's LEGO characters.

20% Off LEGO Junior Batman Set

Build the Bat Cave, Batmobile, and Joker's catapult out of this 150-piece LEGO Juniors set. This set includes Batman, Joker, and Robin figurines so your LEGO lovers can play the day away.

20% Off LEGO Friends Car

Your kid's LEGO Friends figurines can ride around in style when they build this 185-piece Olivia's Exploration Car, now on sale for 20% off during Prime Day.

20% Off LEGO Markers

It's not just building sets that are on sale for Prime Day. This set of LEGO markers with 4x2 building bricks allow you to connect your pens together. They're so much fun to write with and play with!