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Prince George & Princess Charlotte Are Making A Special Debut This Christmas

The royals really like to stick with traditions, especially when it comes to Christmas. And while it can't be easy to always know exactly what you're doing, I confess I find it sort of comforting to know that there will be certain things royal watchers can expect. For instance, this year Kate Middleton and Prince William's children Prince George and Princess Charlotte will celebrate Christmas by joining them on special walk that has become part of the annual royal celebration. I'm already picturing their little coats, which you and I know will be fabulous.

Every year members of the royal family head to Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham Estate in Norfolk County to celebrate the holidays together. While not every member makes it to the celebration every year, those that do tend to go to church together on Christmas morning. It's an annual tradition that has been going on for six decades, and part of that tradition is visiting St. Mary Magdalene Church together on Christmas morning. This country church has been visited by royalty since the time of Queen Victoria back in the 16th century, so the village has seen many royals walk past on their way to worship.

This year they're about to see two more and spoiler alert, they're really adorable.

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While some royal watchers will be disappointed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex won't be on hand for the traditional walk to St. Mary Magdalene Church as they're planning on spending the holidays with other family members, there is an amazing consolation prize. The two oldest children of Prince William and Middleton, 6-year-old Prince George and 4-year-old Princess Charlotte, are expected to join their parents at church on Christmas Day this year, according to a report by The Sun. This will be the first time the two children join the rest of the royals for the walk to church; their 1-year-old little brother Prince Louis is not expected to be on hand.

Now this isn't the first time the royal children have gone to church for Christmas, of course. Back in 2016, they attended services with their parents and their Middleton grandparents in Bucklebury, Berkshire, according to ELLE. That was a year the Cambridge family was spending the holidays with the Middleton relatives, so it would make sense for them to go to church near their family home.

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This year, however, it looks as though Prince George and Princess Charlotte are going to join the rest of the royal family for the Big Show. I think we can expect some adorable double-breasted coats, fancy shoes, and hopefully some sort of sass from Princess Charlotte. Isn't that what Christmas is all about?