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Prince George & Princess Charlotte Will Be Heading Off To School Together Next Week

by Jen McGuire

Do you guys all remember when Prince George had his first day of school? Of course you do, who in the world would ever forget that sweet little boy in his school uniform hiding shyly behind his father's legs as he went off to meet his teacher? Now if you thought that was adorable, get ready for a double dose of cuteness. Because Prince George and Princess Charlotte's first day of school is just around the corner, and this year the royal brother and sister duo will be going together.

It's only been two years since the world was treated to now 6-year-old Prince George's first day of full time school at Thomas's Battersea in London, England. At the time the little boy was just four, and his father Prince William was the one to bring him to school on his first day. As many people might remember, Kate Middleton was pregnant with Prince Louis at the time and, according to The Independent, suffering terribly from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of nausea experienced by some some pregnant women that can make life very uncomfortable. Because of this she was unable to join her husband, Prince William, when it was time for Prince George to go to school for the first time, something which probably upset the super involved royal mom. It can be tough to miss one of your kid's big moments.

Fortunately for Middleton, the big milestones keep on coming, and this year she will hopefully have the chance to be on hand for a big one.

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Not only is 4-year-old Princess Charlotte's first day of full time school coming up, but it's also the first day the two siblings go to school together. And the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be sending their two oldest children off to Thomas's Battersea next week, on Thursday, Sept. 5, while 1-year-old Prince Louis has a few years before he joins them.

It seems highly likely that Middleton will be on hand to bring her two older children to school now, especially considering both she and Prince William have reportedly made efforts to fit the school run into their busy schedule of royal duties in the past, as Grazia reported. Also someone needs to be on hand to take the adorable first day of school photo, and with Middleton's photography skills it's safe to say she'll relish that role for both of her children.

While Prince George (who is simply called George Cambridge when he's with his friends in class) is already an old hat at full time school, this will be a big year for Princess Charlotte. She will meet her new teacher and settle into a new curriculum for her "reception year" at Thomas's Battersea. The 4-year-old will study ballet, computers, French, art, music, drama, and drawing, according to Hello! Magazine.

Not to mention making new friends and getting the opportunity to spend more time with her big brother, something she is pretty excited about. As a royal insider told People, "She can’t wait to be with George at big school. She is so excited about it all."

Only one more week of summer vacation until Prince George and Princess Charlotte head off to school, presumably with either one or both of their parents by their side. How time flies!