On Wednesday, Prince William and Kate Middleton's Instagram account was updated to include their nam...
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Royal Fans Are Loving A Subtle Update On Prince William & Kate Middleton's Instagram

You might've missed it, but a small and subtle update to Prince William and Kate Middleton's Instagram and Twitter accounts has made their social media presence just a bit more personal.

Royals fans recently spotted that, while you can still find Middleton and Prince William at their handle @Kensingtonroyal on Instagram and Twitter, the display name has officially changed to "Duke and Duchess of Cambridge." Before, for years the display name was "Kensington Palace," which is where the couple lives with their three children. The new display name was changed sometime this week, according to E! News, and while it's not a huge change, of course, it does identify the couple on social media by their names rather than where they live.

People on Twitter are loving the update. "I like that — comes across as more personal!" one user commented. "That's amazing I've always wanted them to put this instead of 'Kensington Palace'," another added. One more said, "Yes love this! I feel like they’re both taking more interest in SM lately too, the private snippets like George’s Mother’s Day card suggest they’re taking an active role in the content and I’m here for it."

This isn't the only recent change that's been made to their account; Prince William and Middleton now have a brand new profile picture, too. Earlier this month, the photo was changed to a still photo from their "Clap for Carers" video. Before, their profile picture was a family photo which they used their 2018 Christmas Card.



These changes also make it very clear that this account just belongs to Prince William and Middleton. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle had previously shared the account with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge while they lived at Kensington Palace after they got married and before they created their account and started their own, @SussexRoyal in April 2019.

Now that it's been a little more than a year and considering how much has happened within the royal family recently, it makes sense that they've updated their display name to add a small personal touch. And with it, hopefully that means more family photos and posts will follow.