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OK, Prince William's Nickname For Princess Charlotte Is Très Adorable

Over the weekend, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent some time with their children at the Chelsea Flower Show. It was a pretty magical time for the entire family, with 5-year-old Prince George, 4-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 1-year-old Prince Louis running around their mother's "Back to Nature" garden exhibit. It was obviously a magical time for the rest of us too, since this visit together gave us the briefest of insider glimpses into their family life and dynamic. For instance, before this past weekend, I don't think anyone could have guessed Prince William's nickname for Princess Charlotte. But now royal watchers know about the sweet and precious little name and it's très adorable.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been justifiably very protective of their children's privacy over the years. They share photos on their Kensington Royal social media account to celebrate birthdays and holidays and such, but those are generally taken by the Duchess of Cambridge herself at the family's country home in Norfolk County rather than out in public. So it was a rare treat to see the entire family out together, en masse, enjoying the garden Middleton designed for the Chelsea Flower Show on the weekend.

And it was an even rarer treat to see a video of the family interacting together on their Instagram account, shared by Kensington Palace on Monday.

In the video, Prince William can be seen pushing Prince George on a rope swing and having a chat with him about his mother's hard work in the garden. The father of three asks his son what he would give the garden out of 10 "with 10 being the highest" and sweet little George calls out that he would give his mom's garden 20 out of 10. Middleton smiles happily in the background as she plays with Prince Louis... it's a lovely moment.

Next, though, is when we see Prince William sitting on the swing and calling out to Princess Charlotte to give him a push, who he appears to call "Mignonette," according to Women's Health.

Now here's where it gets even cuter... Mignonette is a derivative of the French word mignon, which means dainty, darling, sweetie, or cutie, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

While Kensington Palace has not confirmed that this is Prince William's very adorable nickname for his daughter, it certainly sounded as though that's what he was saying in the video. And Mignonette is rather in keeping with Princess Charlotte's rather French-sounding exclamation of "Ooh la la!" as she ran through the garden earlier in the video, according to HELLO! Magazine.

Prince William might call Princess Charlotte Mignonette, but her mother apparently has a different nickname for her altogether. When Middleton was out doing some last minute holiday shopping in December with her two older children, a fellow shopper overheard her refer to her daughter as "Poppet," a popular term of endearment in the United Kingdom, according to Town & Country. Interestingly enough, Town & Country reported that Prince William has also called his wife Poppet, so that could get a little confusing after awhile.

Whatever her parents might call her, Poppet or Mignonette, one thing is certain; just like her brother, Princess Charlotte is clearly a happy well-loved child. With a better nickname than anyone else.