Prince William is relieved to see his older two kids go back to school.

Prince William Is Relieved His Kids Are Back In School: "It's Been A Long 5 Months"

After several months of distance learning at home, you really can't blame Prince William for being relieved that his kids are back at school this fall. And he's surely not the only one who might be feeling a bit overwhelmed after a long lockdown with three kids under foot. Even if they were under foot in a gorgeous country estate.

The Duke of Cambridge visited Belfast in Northern Ireland on Wednesday to show his gratitude for front line workers on National Emergency Services Day. While in Belfast, he met with a police officer and opened up about his kids. Or more specifically, the fact that his two older kids, 7-year-old Prince George and 5-year-old Princess Charlotte, were back at school. According to Hello! Magazine, Prince William told the police officer, "I think every parent is breathing a sigh of relief that school has started again. Five months — it’s been wonderful, but it’s been a long five months."

His two older children are reportedly back at Thomas's Battersea School in London, according to Vanity Fair, and are said to be pretty excited themselves to get back to their routine. Princess Charlotte is in Year One while Prince George is in Year Three. Prince William's youngest child, 2-year-old Prince Louis, is still at home.

And I can think of one other person who is probably pretty happy to see the two older kids go back to school. The Duchess of Cambridge.

Ever since the United Kingdom went into lockdown in March to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the Cambridge family has been staying at Amner Hall, their country home in Norfolk County. While they've been there, Kate Middleton has been busy facilitating her kids' remote schooling and has often been open about her struggles with that. In May, for instance, she sat down for a video interview for the talk show This Morning and opened up about trying to help her kids understand the unusual situation, "It is difficult, it’s hard to explain to a 5 and a 6, nearly 7-year-old, what’s going on. But the schools are being great at supporting them as well."

Now that the schools have reopened with restrictions in place, Middleton and Prince William can send their kids back. And as Prince William said, he's feeling pretty relieved. Here's hoping Middleton enjoyed another moms' night out with her friends to celebrate the return to some level of normalcy. In a safe, socially distanced way, of course.