Reese's Advent Calendars Are Here, But You Better Get One Now Because They're Selling Out Fast

When I was a kid, even though my family wasn’t super religious, my mom always got an advent calendar for the family. I’d look forward to it just for the ritual we’d have before I’d brush my teeth for bed every night: looking for the number on the board, and getting one piece of chocolate before bed. My mom still gets my husband and me an advent calendar every year, but the the older I get, the more I notice how not-so-delicious the chocolate is (no offense, mom). This year, maybe I'll ask for a Reese’s Advent Calendar, which are now available on Amazon.

How exciting that not only can you make your own traditions of searching through the numbers and counting down the days until THE big day, but the candy won’t taste like plastic! It will be deliciously creamy, peanut buttery, chocolatey goodness. Man, my mouth is watering right now. That’s a win-win in my book. Plus, there’s a word search on the back of the box, which is something you can do with the entire family.

Insider reported these Reese’s-themed advent calendars will feature 24 different types of Reese’s candy, including different flavors of the Minis and the Pieces. And even though one Amazon reviewer was displeased with their cracked Reese’s Pieces in one of the squares (why are you opening them now anyway, AZ reviews?), I’m pretty sure it will still taste delicious.

Reese's Advent Calendar ($16, Amazon)

Of course there are other ways to get your Reese’s fix, if you're too impatient for the one-candy-per-day thing. Or if, horror or horrors, these calendars sell out before you can order one (because they're selling out pretty fast!). There's “Reese’s Miniatures Harvest,” which, let’s be real, is just Reese’s mini cups in fall-colored wrapping. But they do have a crunchy cookie flavor in the fall wrapping to change it up a bit. If advent calendars aren’t your thing, there are always the Reese’s Trees, which were definitely my favorite thing to find in my stocking on Christmas morning.

On another note, perhaps Reese’s is giving us this advent calendar to soften us up since Hershey's is reportedly going to make their peanut butter cups thinner now to save some money. Business Insider reported that the Reese’s Cups will now be 40 percent thinner than the regular cups we’ve all grown up with and devoured. As the Business Insider article explained, president of Hershey’s North America Michele Buck said “they’re aiming to win over customers who want a Reese’s Cup with more permissibility.” Hmmmm. Well, good news, they’ll be available in dark chocolate now too. Bad news, there will be 40 percent less chocolate and peanut butter to enjoy.

So be sure to get your Reese’s fix with the new Reese’s advent calendar now, before you potentially write them off for thinning out your favorite snack. Oh, who am I kidding. I don’t think anybody that likes Reese’s could completely write them off forever. That chocolate peanut butter goodness would haunt you in your dreams.

Oh, and these Reese’s advent calendars will go great with these Aldi wine and cheese advent calendars if you’re lucky enough to snag one of the limited supply.