A toddler in a mickey mouse costume

Good News, Procrastinators: ShopDisney's Halloween Costume Sale Is Slashing Prices

Attention last-minute Halloween shoppers: Your tendency to procrastinate probably saved you a few bucks this year, because ShopDisney's Halloween costume sale is now underway, and the savings are so huge, it's scary.

If you think every Disney Halloween costume comes with a set of Mickey Mouse ears, think again: Whether your kid is planning on being a brave superhero, a funny cartoon character, or even an iconic movie villain, chances are the disguise you buy will say "Disney" on the tag. That's because Disney owns Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Pixar, and pretty much every other company that makes things your kids like. Which is great news for your Halloween budget, since the prices on tons of costumes (and accessories, too) have been slashed, oftentimes in half. Plus, everybody in the family is covered, from babies and kids to parents and even pets.

Between the ridiculous amounts of Disney-produced Halloween stuff you can buy and the over-the-top boo-themed bashes hosted at Disney parks, it's almost like Disney is the holiday's official sponsor. There are even a ton of Disney Channel Halloween movies available to stream right now, from Halloweentown to Twitches (and if you use the money you save on costumes to buy some Disney Halloween pajamas for the whole family, you'll have something cozy to wear when everybody curls up on the couch after trick-or-treating to watch a not-so-spooky flick and eat candy).



If your little one is a fan of this Disney Junior show, then this deeply discounted disguise should be a huge hit. It's made of velvet and features a glittery bat ear headband and a skull that sings the Vampirina theme song with the push of a button, which is super fun (one note: wings not included).


Captain America

Another huge discount, this costume comes with a mask and full bodysuit, plus a shield with motion-activated sounds that's sure to get all the treats. (It looks warm, too!)


Fancy Nancy

Whether your little one is a fan of the Disney Junior show, the Fancy Nancy books, or both, this costume has it all: the dress, leggings, wings, tiara, and plenty of "glittery detailing." Fancy indeed!



Not only is this outfit unbelievably cute, it comes with convenient touches parents are sure to appreciate: shoulder snaps to make getting dressed easier; glasses without lenses (so your tot isn't obsessed with taking them off). And of course, there are Incredibles 2 costumes available for the rest of the family, too.


Mickey Mouse

Sure, Disney is more than just Mickey Mouse... but the iconic character is still, well, an icon. Plus, who can resist a baby in a Mickey costume? Especially one with a nose that squeaks when you squeeze it, like this one.



While Angelina Jolie's cheekbones might be tough to replicate, once you have this headdress, the rest of your Maleficent costume should fall into place pretty easily. (A long, dark cape is all you really need.)