Shopkins Real Littles Lil’ Shopper Pack

New Shopkins Frozen Aisle Treats Include Good Humor & Klondike Bars

If you’ve got a little shopping sidekick, then you’ve surely had your share of Shopkins. The adorable miniature food items are a huge hit with the elementary school set. They’re insanely addictive, since who can really resist a 1-inch stack of pancakes with a precious little face on them? And just when you thought that you had every Shopkin imaginable (and then some), the Shopkins Real Littles frozen aisle collection is hitting freezers, er, shelves everywhere.

There will be 40 new Real Littles and Mini Packs for your cute little collector to acquire. The new frozen food aisle collection will boast items from brands like Unilever, Kellogg’s and ConAgra brands Popsicle, Good Humor, Klondike, Breyers, Slush Puppie, Eggo, and more. So, so much more.

Now, apart from their adorably diminutive size, part of the fun of purchasing Shopkins is the unboxing experience that comes along with it. Will you get strawberry jam or a soda? Once you break through the box, then you have to pry the petite toy out of its packaging, which only adds to the excitement of scoring a new Shopkin — especially one that your child has desperately been searching for.

These are some of the Shopkins you can expect to see in the new Real Littles Frozen Treats collection.

Shopkins Real Littles Mini Pack

Will it be ice cream, a frozen dinner, or a super slushie? You’ll only know for sure once you swirl the packaging in water to reveal the frosty Shopkin inside. The Real Littles Mini Pack ($4) contains two Mini Packs and two Shopkins to add to your kiddo’s collection.

Shopkins Real Littles Collector’s Case

Once your child is done playing with their Shopkins, they’re going to need a place to keep them cool. This Collector’s Case ($5) can safely stow over 40 Mini Packs, turning your kid’s bedroom into a fantastic frozen food aisle. And each case comes with an exclusive Fruit Pops Mango Mini Pack to help complete the collection.

Shopkins Real Littles Lil’ Shopper Pack

Stock up and save on your fave frozen foods with this Shopper Pack ($10). It comes with eight Mini Packs and eight Shopkins. Maybe your kid will get a Good Humor Birthday Cake pop, a Klondike bar, or a scoop of Breyers Cookies and Crème ice cream.

Shopkins Real Littles Stacey Cakes + ICY Treats Scooter

Take your treats on a ride with Good Humor Shoppie Stacey Cakes and her Ice Treats scooter. The set, which costs $20, also includes two exclusive Mini Packs (Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake), along with two exclusive Shopkins (Sami Strawberry Ice Cream and Lil’ Chip Cookie Sandwich) for a totally delicious play experience.

With this latest collection from Shopkins, the frozen food aisle will never be the same.