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'Southern Charm' Fans On Twitter Have Taken Notice Of Shep & Craig's Fighting

Craig and Shep have been besties on Southern Charm for years and like all friends, they go through their own ups and downs. But lately, there have been more downs than ups and some fans have come to realize that they don't totally love this bromance anymore. In fact, the Southern Charm tweets about Craig and Shep show just how much a lot of fans no longer support their friendship, if only in support of Craig.

Fans’ lack of support for Craig and Shep as friends started this season as the men began to take jabs at each other more and more. It didn't take long for their insults to hit a little close to home, as Shep claimed in last week’s episode that Craig has a personal assistant for no reason.

At the same time, in another scene, Craig said that Shep puts other people down to feel better about himself. It was clear that the guys have either been spending way too much time together, since they were on a guys’ trip at the time, or they just need to take a break from their friendship. Because from the looks of it, I think it is teetering in frenemy territory, and there’s really no going back once that happens.

Those exchanges in last week’s episode were enough to set some fans off on Shep for Craig, but the nail on the coffin might have been when Shep announced that he planned to name his new dog Craig. In any other instance, I might see this as a sweet gesture from one friend to another, but even Shep admitted that it was meant to be part insult.

In last week’s episode, Shep joked, "I already own one Craig, and so now I can own two." He went on to compare his new dog to Craig, which may have been in an effort to be funny, but took even more jabs at his friend. "It seems like Craig the puppy might just be like Craig the human. Craig sleeps a lot, he gets excited easily… Now two Craigs cost me money."

Before Season 6, the guys seemed to get along fairly well and there were more problems in the different romantic relationships on Southern Charm than the male friendships. But lately, Shep, Craig, Austen, and even Whitney have been all about trash talking each other and fans have noticed. Maybe it was there all along, but the show was edited to show the juicier tidbits of drama from the other cast members. And without Thomas on the show to ruffle anyone's feathers and the other cast members mostly chill, that leaves the focus on Craig and Shep’s friendship. Which, if you ask me, could use some work.

In a clip from tonight’s episode of Southern Charm, Craig arrives at Cameran’s birthday party and essentially goes off on everyone. He says that everyone is "f*cking nuts." It's unclear what exactly brought on this outburst, but it’s possible that the recent guys’ trip where Craig found it hard to get along with nearly everyone was the catalyst. And while Craig and Shep haven’t been getting along, it seems like the same might soon be said for Craig and Austen, as Austen is also a point of his frustration in the clip. It’s all just a big mess right now.

Maybe if the guys actually sit down with Craig and talk to him about what’s going on, they can resolve this growing animosity. But right now, Southern Charm have taken notice of the tension in the air and it only seems to be getting worse.