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20 Sweet Throwback Photos Of Steve Irwin With His Daughter Bindi To Make You Smile

It's been 14 years since his death, but these photos of Bindi and Steve Irwin bonding over their shared love of animals and wildlife is beautiful proof that his memory continues to live on. Not just through his daughter, but also through his son Robert and wife Terri.

Steve Irwin, or as fans of his wildlife conservation efforts remember him, the "Crocodile Hunter," died on Sept. 4, 2006 after being stung by a barb from a stingray during filming in the Great Barrier Reef. The Australian celebrity left behind his wife, daughter Bindi who was 8 years old at the time, and 3-year-old son Robert.

Since then, Irwin's family has continued to honor his legacy by running the Australia Zoo, a huge wildlife conservation area. The family has been joined by Chandler Powell, Bindi's longtime boyfriend who she married in March 2020. The couple announced at the beginning of August that they are expecting their first child together. Another exciting milestone, but one she will have to celebrate without her father.

When Steve Irwin died in 2006, as HuffPost reported, 8-year-old Bindi spoke at his eulogy, saying: "I don’t want Daddy’s passion to ever end. I want to help endangered wildlife just like he did. These photos of the two together are a strong reminder that, while Steve Irwin died when his daughter was so young, his influence remains as strong today as it was then.

Held Up On High

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At the 2002 premiere of Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, Steve Irwin held his daughter Bindi up above his head. Already supporting her.

Holding The Family Together

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Apparently he was able to hold both of the women he loved in his arms at the same time at the Australia premiere of his movie.

The Elephant In The Room

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The Irwins rode around on an elephant in 2002 at the Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course premiere.

Kisses For Dad

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In 2005, 7-year-old Bindi clearly loved her dad as she planted a kiss on his cheek in Uluru, Australia.

Baby Love

Bindi Irwin thanked her parents for making the decision to have her on her 22nd birthday in July, and from the looks on their faces I think they were pretty pleased with that decision as well.

Smoothie Selfie

Bindi Irwin got more than a love of animals from her dad... apparently they were both fans of smoothies, as evidenced by this adorable flashback selfie she shared on Instagram.

Holding Out For A Hero

Bindi Irwin captioned this sweet photo of herself as a baby with her dad, "You will always be my superhero."

All In The Family

Bindi Irwin/Instagram

As with most photos Bindi Irwin shares of herself with her dad, the theme of animal love, as well as family ties, is strong. Here they pose with her aunt and uncle.

And Baby Robert Makes 4

Steve Irwin and his wife Terri welcomed their son Robert in December 2003, and the family looks truly delighted with the addition.

Protecting Mother Earth

Bindi Irwin thanked her parents on Earth Day for teaching her "that we are all connected and that we must work together to ensure a bright future for the next generations."

Thinking Of Dad Before The Big Day

The day before Bindi Irwin married Chandler Powell on March 25, she shared a post referring to her dad as her "guiding light" and noted he's "always with me."

Ice Cream Fights & Smiles

Bindi Irwin apparently loved to get ice cream on her dad's face as a little girl, and she shared a video of the memory that makes her smile.

Celebrating Dad's Birthday

In February, Bindi Irwin celebrated her dad's birthday by doing all of the things that might bring her closer to him. "I hugged Mum for you and told her how much we love her. Robert and I went on a hike through the mountains you cherished. I watched one of your documentaries with Chandler and shared stories about you." All these years later, and she still understands him.

A Snake Gets In On The Family Hug

Growing up at a zoo means getting comfortable with animals, even as a toddler Bindi was all good with a massive snake getting in on a family hug.

Who Knew Babies Loved Snakes?

Even as a baby Bindi Irwin was comfortable with snakes.

Family Khakis

It's a good thing the whole Irwin family, even baby Robert, looked good in khakis because that's pretty much their uniform.

A Dog Named Sue

Bindi poses with the dog Sue that she's named after with her mom and dad. She doesn't even seem offended.

Happy To Share The Love

Robert Irwin was just 3 years old when his dad died, but Bindi is certain he would make his dad proud. She wrote an emotional post about the fact that Robert would walk her down the aisle in her father's place, and go ahead and sob now.

Standing Up For What's Right

Last June, Bindi Irwin wrote a message to her father that read, "Thank you for always teaching me to stand up for what I believe in. I’m incredibly blessed to be your daughter and I love you so much." His blessings keep on shining down on her and their whole family.