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Tamera Mowry Says Sister Tia's Breast Milk Is Delicious, So Now We Know That

I don't have a sister and this is probably the saddest thing you can say about my life. Because the extensive sister research I have done over the years has taught me a few things and one of them is this: Nobody fights like sisters. I'm not saying they fight worse than anyone else, but they just fight differently. More passionately, if I can say that. But on the flip side of the fighting, sisters are in each other's corners. And I guess that goes double for twins. Like when Tamera Mowry drank breast milk from her twin sister Tia to get over being sick... and she totally loved it. This, I'm guessing, is sort of a sister thing. And here I am feeling left out of the cool kids group all over again.

Tamera Mowry was apparently feeling pretty under the weather recently and reached out to her twin and former Sister, Sister co-star Tia Mowry for some help. Tia, who gave birth to daughter Cairo nine months ago, was only too happy to help, but in a very specific way. As she explained in an Instagram post from Wednesday, she figured her sister would get a nice boost from the healing properties of her breast milk.

As Tia wrote:

Soooo, my sister is desperate for some healing. She’s sicky poo and I sent her an article on how breast milk has healing properties and was okay with drinking my #breastmilk. Ps, she’s had some before and I mean, she’s my twin. Here’s what she had to say.

Tia isn't wrong about the amazing effects of breast milk, as everyone knows. Breast milk can help to fight infection, strengthen the immune system, and can even help to heal small injuries, as per But here's what you might not have known: This liquid gold is apparently pretty delicious. Tamera Mowry told her sister in the video:

Oh my gosh, Tia. This is amazing. Your breast milk is the best milk I've ever tried in my life. Oh my God.

High praise indeed.

Tamera is obviously pretty happy her sister had a baby girl and not just because of her recently acquired affinity for breast milk. When Cairo was born, Tamera, who is a mother of two herself (son Aden and daughter Ariah with journalist husband Adam Housley) couldn't help gushing about her on The Real in May, as per E! News:

You guys, she is absolutely stunning and perfect in every way. She was six pounds, four ounces. She is very petite. But she is so girly! Everything symmetrically is, like, perfect. They have a beautiful boy and now a beautiful girl, and I'm just so excited.

This is the thing with sisters, twin sisters especially; if they're close, they're ride or die close. They are in it for each other. So you get excited about your sister's baby and then you go ahead and drink some of her breast milk. This is life, my friends, and apparently that stuff is delicious so drink it up.