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Spend $100 On Baby Stuff At Target & You'll Get A $30 Gift Card

by Cat Bowen

Babies are ridiculously expensive. From their diapers to their food, everything is pricey. And shopping for them and with them can be a huge pain in the neck. But if you have to do it (and you do), now's the time: Target's $30 gift card with $100 of baby purchases promo is back. So essentially, you'll get free money... to spend at Target, which is where you were gonna spend it anyway.

That means from now through January 18th, you can buy $100 of diapers, wipes, and those oh-so-convenient, but oh-so-expensive baby food pouches, and have them delivered today, pick them up at the store with same day pickup (or in a drive-up order), and they will ship you a $30 gift card. Yes, as always, there will be limits, and not everything is included in the sale, but seriously, how often do you get what is essentially 30% off diapers? Basically never.

And, after perusing the small print of the sale, I don't see anything that says "may not be combined with other offers." You know what that means: It's time to coupon stack. All those coupons you got in the mail while you were pregnant, or all of those offers you have in your app... it's time to use them. For example, right now, in my Target Circle App, there are offers for $2 off Aveeno lotion, 10% off Plum Organics, and manufacturer coupons of $1 off Pampers or Luvs, plus a ton of other coupons. Load them up, use them all. Get all the discounts. It takes five minutes to look through the app for your coupons and use them.

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If you play this right, you can really save some serious cash, all from the comfort of your home. No one even needs to know you forgot to put on pants this morning. (Just make sure to throw on a pair when you grab the stuff at Target. For sanitary reasons.)

And let's not lie to ourselves. We always need way more wipes than we think we do, because we use them for all of the things. We wipe down tables, clean boogie messes, and scrape away the deodorant stripe down the side of our shirts. Now is the time to stock up. Trust me, long after your children are out of diapers, you'll still need them in your bag, on your coffee table, in your bathroom. Just accept it. And get your $30 gift card.