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These 12 Baby Shower Snacks From Target Are 100% Stress-Free

Baby showers typically fall right before or after lunch, so rather than a full meal or a chocolate bar melted into a diaper (please, no) it can be nice to have appetizers and finger foods for guests to graze on. With this in mind (and because you'll probably be there anyway), the 12 best baby shower snacks from Target belong on your pre-party shopping list. They're guaranteed crowd-pleasers, and require minimal preparation (so they're hostess-pleasers, too).

Affordable candles and cute workout clothes might be the first things that come to mind when you think of Target, many locations also have great grocery sections that are stocked with everything from fresh produce to frozen appetizers. It can be easy to overlook the food aisles (especially if you're strategically trying to circumvent the toy section with your kiddo) but if you do wander into the grocery zone, you'll find some great baby shower snacks, including bite-sized quiches (seriously who doesn't love mini food?), lots of pink or blue candy options, and a literal pail filled with desserts.

And while you're at the home of the red polos, you can easily pick up a gift for the new baby and some fun decorations, like this tassel garland, a rose gold baby shower sign, or the cutest gender-neutral cake toppers. Now all you need is some baby shower games that don't suck.


Mini Quiches

Everything mini is well-loved (hello dollhouse furniture and Baby Yoda) and these bite-sized quiches are no exception. One box includes 12 quiches and there are three flavors from which guests can choose: cheese and onion, spinach and swiss, or mushroom pepper.


A Mini Appetizer Set

You'll get 32 appetizers in this box including samosas, pot stickers, and mini spring rolls. And hungry guests (and the mom-to-be) will appreciate that these are ready in just 12 minutes.


Shrimp Cocktail

I could eat endless shrimp cocktail and never get tired of it, and hopefully your baby shower guests will feel the same. Shrimp is a festive option too if you're doing a pink food theme to celebrate a baby girl, per Taste Of Home.


Cheese Bites

Warm bread is the perfect food, and these Brazi Bites are gluten-free, nut-free, and vegetarian so most can enjoy them. They also come in a cheddar and parmesan flavor or cinnamon churro for a sweeter option.


Pigs In A Blanket

You're never too old for pigs in a blanket. This classic Hebrew National snack will go fast, so you may want to buy more than you think.


Guacamole Mix

Sure it's nice to make your own guac, but sometimes you run out of time or none of the avocados in the grocery store are ripe. In those sticky situations, look no further than homestyle guacamole from Good & Gather which tastes homemade (and no has to know it's not... ).


Cheese & Crackers

I can't think of a more classic snack than cheese and crackers, and this cheese comes pre-sliced in the approximate size of a cracker. So easy and tasty.


A Pail Of Dessert

You know how people are always saying they just want "a few bites" of dessert? Well, this 3-pound pail of bite-sized brownies and cookies is the answer, plus the bucket can be used as a beach toy when the baby gets a bit older.


A Greek-Inspired App

Spanakopita is great vegetarian snack. There are 12 phyllo dough pastries in each box, each filled with savory spinach and feta cheese.


Pink M&Ms

While these pink M&Ms are not available in Target stores, they're worth the online order. Served in a clear bowl, these add a cute pop to any snack spread or as decoration on top of a cake.


Pomegranate Pistachios

These pomegranate flavored pistachios are amazing on their own or mixed in as part of a trail mix. This snack is gluten-free and kosher, and guests won't be able to get enough (so stock up accordingly).


"It's A Boy" Bubble Gum

Though these may look like cigars, they're actually bubble gum. They're perfect as a decoration on the snack table or you could even have a bubble-blowing contest (speaking of baby shower games that don't suck).