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OMG, Buy $50 Worth Of Target Halloween Items Online, & Snag A $10 Discount

If you've been eyeing Target's Halloween collections online since they dropped in late summer, but haven't taken the plunge and ordered anything spooky just yet, you're going to want to fill your cart immediately. Target's Halloween savings deal will save you a pretty penny if you place an order for Halloween decor, costumes, and more online.

Here's how it works: When you buy $50 worth of Halloween items on Target's website, you'll receive a $10 off of your order, and even if you only spend $30, you will receive $5 off. Simply add the items from Target's Halloween collection to your cart online and the discount will automatically be applied when your total reaches $30 or $50. It's basically like Christmas has come early, y'all.

Included in this sweet deal is pretty much everything you need to make this Halloween the most spooktacular yet. It may still be in the mid-90s here in Texas, but I have to say that all of the Halloween decorations I see every time I walk into Target (which is admittedly a lot) is making it feel like fall has officially arrived. Those same decorations are all available on Target's website, as well as several must-have Halloween items that are exclusively available online like this giant, 7-foot-tall Jack Skellington outdoor inflatable that is currently already discounted by $50.

Target's online collection of Halloween decor grew by leaps and bounds this year with the addition of their Hyde And Eek! Boutique online and in stores featuring indoor and outdoor decor that is hauntingly adorable. Ordering select items from the Hyde And Eek! Boutique until your online total reaches $30 or $50 will snag you a ghoulishly good discount.

If you like to decorate in a style that is ghoulish and grim, you can order items from the Hyde And Eek! Boutique's Ghoulish Garden collection, including trendy succulents and painted pumpkins featuring vines. For those who prefer a more traditional Halloween look, ordering items from the Hyde And Eek! Boutique's Pumpkin Parlor collection with cute cats and whimsical witches may be more up your alley. Most of these indoor decor items range from $3 to $25, so you can really stock up in order to receive the Halloween deal discount.

Another great way to cash in on Target's Halloween discount deal is by ordering your Halloween costumes online from Target this year. Whether you're shopping for the perfect costume for your kids, your pets, or yourself, Target has you covered. With character choices running the gamut from Star Wars to Harry Potter, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for in a Halloween costume on Target's website.

Target even has an entire collection of adaptive costumes to ensure that each and every single member of your family can enjoy wearing their Halloween costume no matter what. This collection of costumes features those designed for use with wheelchairs, made with sensory friendly materials, and with hidden openings to allow access to abdominal area. Princesses, pirates, and even this adorable plush unicorn costume can all be ordered during Target's online Halloween promotion to receive a discount.

On top of this already awesome Halloween promotion, one more way to save on Target's website is by ordering more than $35 worth of merchandise to receive free two-day shipping. Although not all items are eligible, if you add more than $35 worth of eligible items to your cart, Target will automatically give you free two-day shipping on those items.

This is definitely incentive enough for me to go ahead and add $50 worth of Halloween swag to my online order. Free shipping and a $10 discount? That is a frighteningly good deal. Target, take my money.