group of little children watching youtube channel together on digital tablet

You Won't Feel Weird About Your Kid Watching These 15 YouTube Channels

YouTube is an amazing resource if you want to quickly learn how to do a French braid, unclog the bathtub drain, or get a free workout in. It can also be a savior in those moments when you need ten uninterrupted minutes to finish up dinner or wrap a phone call but your kiddo needs some entertainment ASAP. With this in mind, I’ve rounded up 15 of the best YouTube channels for kids of all ages including classics like Sesame Street and more out-of-the-box ideas like a feed from the zoo or videos with an empowering message made by Amy Poehler.

There have been reports of parents finding scary content hidden in kids' videos, and YouTube has “been investing in new controls for parents including the ability to hand pick videos and channels in the app,” the company previously said in a statement to Romper. Before handing over the tablet to your eager kiddo, make sure you've set a passcode, parental controls, and have specifically selected the channels you feel are appropriate for your children, per Wired. It's always a good idea to talk to your little one about what to do in the event that they stumble upon something unsettling, but these 15 channels are fun for the whole family, and you may even learn something new.


Dave & Ava

Dave & Ava follows the adventures of a little boy in dog pajamas and a little girl in cat pajamas as they learn colors, numbers, shapes, and more. The animation is modern and fun to watch, and each episode features a song or a nursery rhyme that can help the new concepts stick.



TVOkids programs are designed to get kids ready for school; the shows cover much of Ontario's public education curriculum. And did I mention there are full episodes of Paw Patrol available?


Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a classic for a reason, and the YouTube channel is no exception. There are new videos every week, plus old favorites featuring Cookie Monster, Elmo, Big Bird, and the rest of the crew that may give you a dose of nostalgia for your own childhood.


Nerdy Nummies

At first glance, Nerdy Nummies may seem like just another baking show, but the whole family will love the cooking videos hosted by bubbly Rosanna Pansino. Look out for the character-themed baked goods like Frozen 2 princess cakes or Baby Shark cakes, and then get ready to have the urge to whip up something sweet.


Life Hacks For Kids

Perfect for elementary school kids, Life Hacks For Kids is hosted by now-16 year old, Sunny Keller, who offers a fun activity for any kid who says they're "so bored." She has ideas for camping indoors, how to make homemade tap shoes, glittery slime and so much more.


PBS Kids

You'll find tons of age-appropriate options on the PBS Kids channel including trusty favorites like Pinkalicious and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. All of the content is designed to be educational and peppered with positive role models (and never violent) according to the PBS YouTube page.


The Smithsonian Channel

If you can't make a trip to Washington, DC, then the famous museum can come to your house instead with the Smithsonian YouTube channel. This one is best for older kids, though your littlest one may enjoy some of the more benign content, too, like this cute video of leopard cubs who use playing as a learning tool (and a way to have fun).


Mother Goose Club

Mother Goose Club is perfect for those moments when you need to distract your kiddo for just a few minutes and not the length of an entire show. Each video features a familiar song (there's even Baby Shark, be warned) and they all clock in around five minutes or less which should get you through that logistical phone call or long line in Target.


The Cincinnati Zoo Channel

Animal lovers of all ages will have fun watching the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden YouTube channel. You'll get to witness birthday parties for the animals and other silly happenings like a hippo bath. Many zoos have channels so you can likely follow your local zoo, too, or find one with a feed of your little one's favorite animal.



TuTiTuTV is a bright and eye-catching channel geared toward 2 and 3 year olds. Each video features 3D animations and songs that help teach colors, numbers, new words, and shapes.


Ryan's World

It's almost impossible to talk about kids' YouTube channels without mentioning Ryan's World. Your kid will enjoy watching Ryan unbox new toys, interact with his kind and charismatic parents, and teach simple concepts, like why it's important to brush your teeth. Just be prepared that Ryan doesn't begin and end with YouTube; he also has a Nickelodeon TV show and tons of branded toys (and he made 26 million dollars in 2019, no big deal).



Pocoyo follows a 4 year old (by the same name) who goes on adventures with his friends, a duck, an elephant, and a dog. The 3D graphics are bright and crisp set against a white background, and there's a Spanish version of the show too if you're child is Spanish-speaking or you're introducing the language.


Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

Smart Girls is just as funny as you'd expect it to be given that it's created by Amy Poehler. The videos are geared toward tweens and teens (but adults may learn something, too) and the content celebrates the importance of being your authentic self. The videos span many topics including self-empowerment, tips for making math fun, and interviews with women in STEM fields.



SciShow really is fun, informative, and (usually) appropriate for the whole family, although a few of the videos include sexual content, so you'll want to pick the episodes yourself if you have young kids watching. Each day of the week a new video is released covering super interesting topics you may have wondered and never found an answer to: Why cold weather causes phones to die, for example, or how elephants communicate.


Super Simple Songs

Your kiddo will want to dance along to Super Simple Songs, which features short animated videos to accompany songs they probably already know and love. These are the kind of videos you can press play on and leave the room knowing they're having fun.