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The 2 Most Irresponsible Zodiac Signs Are Unfortunately Fated To Be Flighty

Do you have a partner or a friend who's, well, a bit challenged when it comes to getting places on time or paying the bills promptly? Or (gulp) does that description fit you? It's possible that the stars have something to do with it: Certain zodiac signs are more irresponsible than others, and if you or someone you know were born under one of those signs, you might be more likely than your peers to develop a rep for being more flaky than dependable.

"At times, we can all be a little irresponsible, but a few signs seem to have irresponsibility woven into their celestial DNA," says astrologer Lisa Barretta, author of Conscious Ink and a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers, among other professional affiliations. A lot of it has to do with their outlook on life; certain signs have different priorities from the rest of the crowd, and to them, there are more important things than living by conventional timetables or honoring every little commitment.

Other signs just seem to value having a rep for reliability more than others. As YourTango noted, Taurus and Leo both are deeply loyal to their nearest and dearest, and they actually want to be the ones that you can turn to in a crisis. Capricorns may not always live up to their promises, but they have the guts to be honest with you about why they couldn't come through.

But of all the 12 zodiac signs, there are two that stand out as being not as responsible as the rest. Does this sound like someone you know?



The spontaneous Archer is one of the three "mutable" zodiac signs (these signs are more adaptable and flexible than the rest, according to Astrostyle). But this mutability can also translate into a loosey-goosey attitude when it comes to responsibility, explains Barretta. "Should an opportunity to have some fun come about, this sign will drop everything and be on their way," she explains. "Their social life can, at times, take precedence over routine tasks. Their good time trumps everything else."



It's not that Pisces wants to be irresponsible; it's just that they just don't live in the same plane of existence as everyone else. "Pisces live in their own mystical world," says Barretta, who adds that the Fish is another of the mutable signs that value flexibility in everything and who aren't the most consistent people in the world. Do you have a coworker who always shows up late and leaves whenever? Chances are they were born between February 19 and March 20. "This sign hates being ruled by the clock," adds Barretta. "Their ruling planet Neptune gives them the nature of the hippie, artist, flower-child, and a nonconformist attitude."


By now, you might be saying, "Hold on — I'm a Sag, and I'm totally responsible, thank-you-ever-so." Or maybe your SO is a Taurus who's so unreliable, they'd show up late to their own funeral. Keep in mind that our sun signs are only a part of our total astrological package.

In order to make a client's chart, professional astrologers look at the alignment of all the planets at one's date, time, and place of birth, which give a more complete picture of a person's inner nature. So a dependable Sagittarius might have a lot of responsibility-oriented planets elsewhere in their chart, and a person born under a normally reliable sun sign might have a Pisces rising sign, which reflects the way you appear to the outside world, according to AstroStyle.

The takeaway? If you were born under one of those responsibility-averse signs, you can either fight the rep by stepping up your reliability game, or adopt the "take me as I am" attitude and accept the consequences. Either way, you now have a better understanding of what the stars have to say about your personality.