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The 5 Zodiac Combinations That Have The Most Intense Fights

All couples — all people — fight. It's a natural expression of emotion, and even the closest relationships will have conflict since no two people want the same thing all the time. But some zodiac combinations have more intense fights than others, both because of their individual natures and the way they clash with different personalities.

Conflict between signs can be a result of where the zodiac falls on the chart, according to Kyle Thomas, a pop culture astrologer.

"Signs that are 'square' to each other have an inherent difficulty understanding one another. This can cause sharp disagreements because of their very different point of view on life and way of existing," he explains to Romper via email.

"However, if the signs learn to integrate the other person’s viewpoint into their own, they can actually grow and evolve and learn to work together." So your relationship isn't doomed to fail if you're one of these pairs; rather, you just have to work a little harder at understanding your partner for the relationship to reach its full potential.

Plus, as Donna Stellhorn, a professional astrologer, explains to Romper, "Any pairing can have a healthy, loving relationship if both seek to know themselves. Astrology offers a way to know yourself. You can find your strengths and know what triggers your bad behavior." So think of exploring you and your partner's signs as a way to better know yourselves and each other, and read on to find out why some signs are prone to fights.


Aries & Gemini

Stellhorn points to Aries and Gemini as two signs that are "generally happy to fight no matter what the [nature of the] relationship" is, meaning the pair will clash whether they have a romantic, platonic, or familial bond. She says that "like a brush fire on a windy day, things can get out of control quite easily" between these two, so you'll want to be careful if you're part of this pair and watch what you say.


Taurus & Leo

Thomas lists Leo as more prone to anger than other zodiacs, as it's a fire sign: "Fire signs can be more rash or impulsive." Combine that fire with Taurus's famously stubborn nature, and you'll have some pretty epic blowouts. For conflicts between Taurus and Leo, you can "expect drama, passive-aggressive battles, and at least a few bull-tantrums," according to Thomas.


Cancer & Libra

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"Some signs may be more passive-aggressive," including Cancer, says Thomas. Meanwhile, Libras are people-pleasers, making them passive aggressive as well, and they can be in love with the idea of love, giving them unrealistic expectations for relationships. These traits can lead Cancer/Libra pairs to have "mismatched expectations, grudges, and communication breakdowns" according to Thomas, with built-up frustrations leading to blowouts. Stellhorn adds that "Cancer will fight if you hurt their feelings. Cancer has a long memory," leading to the grudges Thomas mentioned.


Aquarius & Scorpio

Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, and as Thomas points out, "the planet Mars is associated with war," making the Scorpion prone to anger. Fights between this duo will be characterized by "mocking, putting each other down, and ignoring the problem," none of which are productive for open communication and growth. Be wary if you are in an Aquarius/Scorpio relationship, as you may have to work harder at resolving conflict.


Sagittarius & Capricorn

As Stellhorn puts it, "Sagittarius first wants to improve the plan and Capricorn wants the plan to prove itself first," making it difficult for the combo to see eye-to-eye on how to problem solve or prepare for the future: "This is a struggle between concept and implementation." Stellhorn also says that this duo is most likely to have issues in romantic partnerships specifically, with Sag-Cap friendships being less likely to have conflict. They clash with higher stakes issues, so friends in these signs aren't likely to have as many problems.

These are just a couple pairings that might be more likely to get into epic arguments, and it's important to keep in mind that all couples fight from time to time. As Thomas puts it, "All relationships take effort, each zodiac sign has their own needs and communication styles, so it is important to give and receive in all relationships and put in effort from the heart."