Rick Rowell/ABC

'The Bachelor' Brought Backstreet Back, Alright!

In a world of dates full of sunset yacht cruises and space-simulated makeout sessions, it was almost a welcome surprise for the latest group date on The Bachelor to take place at a concert. But of course it had to be more than that, which is why the Backstreet Boys performed on The Bachelor and it made for the best group date ever. I mean, rock climbing and hang-gliding during Bachelor dates are both amazing, but I'm fairly certain that viewers were fan girling along with the contestants when the actual Backstreet Boys sauntered into the Bachelor mansion.

Usually getting the chance to score the one-on-one date with the Bachelor is the hot ticket item, but this might be the first group date in Bachelor history where those who were chosen are actually happy to have gotten the group date instead. Of course in the end, the best part about scoring the group date is getting to spend extra time with Nick (that's Nick Viall, not the Backstreet Boy Nick), but the Backstreet Boys performance on The Bachelor was kind of perfect.

Before the official date even started, the women and Nick had to learn the choreography to a song that they'd be dancing to on-stage with the boy band, but all of the sweat and nerves that went into that was totally worth it for the women of The Bachelor.

Probably better than getting to actually dance on-stage with the Backstreet Boys on The Bachelor was getting the chance to be serenaded by them as Danielle L. danced with Nick. It may have been a slightly awkward, middle school type of slow dance that couldn't quite find the beat as the Backstreet Boys sang for them, but it was still nothing short of amazing. Even for the women who didn't get chosen as the best backup dancer on the date and who don't go on to make it much farther on The Bachelor, being able to say that you performed as a backup dancer for the freaking Backstreet Boys is a decent consolation prize.

The Backstreet Boys group date on The Bachelor was also a great way to bring things back up after the first group date outing at the Museum of Broken Relationships, where Liz performed that cringe-worthy (if totally necessary) speech with Nick. Getting to go on a group date that not only featured the Backstreet Boys, but entailed dancing with them has easily been the biggest highlight of The Bachelor so far this season.