The Busby Family's Thanksgiving Traditions Include Lots Of Food & A Cute Turkey Hat

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Celebrating the holidays with lavish, detailed traditions can be tough when you have small kids. And especially if you happen to have six young children, five of whom are quintuplets. So if you're a fan of TLC's OutDaughtered and you're wondering what the Busby family's Thanksgiving traditions might look like, you may not be surprised to hear that they're a lot like most families.

Adam and Danielle Busby are parents to 8-year-old daughter Blayke and five 4-year-old quintuplets: Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, and Riley Paige. Danielle has been blogging about her family's adventures since giving birth to the quintuplets in April 2015, and they've also been documenting their lives for the past few years on the hit TLC reality series, OutDaughtered.

It's a whole lot of work for the busy parents, as Danielle wrote in a 2018 blog post for It's A Buzz World. "My life as a Mom of six kids (or shall I say mom like my kids say mom… 'MAAA- MAAAA') always feels like I am GO-GO-GO!" she shared. "The second my eyes open in the morning till the time my head gets to finally hit the pillow at night (which is usually hours after I would like it to) I always feel like I am having to rush." Which doesn't exactly leave a whole lot of time to plan elaborate Thanksgiving rituals, right?

Last year, Danielle marked the holiday with a simple and sweet selfie with Adam. "Happy Thanksgiving from me and this stud," she captioned the photo.

But beyond a quick selfie for the 'gram, what does a smart, busy mom do to enjoy Thanksgiving? Why, she heads on home for the holidays where there's bound to be extra help, of course.

While the Busbys have made their home in Houston, Texas, they have gone back to their hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana to celebrate Thanksgiving with their extended family, as they documented back in 2016 on OutDaughtered.

When it comes to how the family celebrates Thanksgiving, it looks pretty similar to most of us. The entire extended family at Adam's parents' house spends the day cooking together, and there's a whole lot of meat on the menu. One cute little addition? The Busbys are big fans of funny hats, with the quints wearing matching chick hats and Adam, Danielle and Blayke rocking some turkey hats.

Hanging out with the family is a great way to actually enjoy Thanksgiving with little ones, as Danielle wrote in a 2017 blog post: "Since we're always on the go at home, we took this break to relax, enjoy the girls, and let them meet family. We did a lot of just hanging out at Adam's parents' house and easy activities like taking the girls to the park."

Now that the kids are getting older, Adam and Danielle might be starting their own Thanksgiving traditions with their kids. Or they might continue to hit the road and head on home to Louisiana, where there's apparently loads of people to help make the food and watch the kids. I think I would personally choose the second option.

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