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Dad Jokes & 8 Other Musts For The 'Lizzie McGuire' Reboot

Yesterday my life was duller, now everything's technicolor... because I found out that the Lizzie McGuire reboot is actually happening. It's not a hoax, as I originally assumed. It's not a dream, as I originally feared. This is real, my friends, and my nostalgic mom-heart is all a flutter with excitement and anticipation.

In the reboot, Lizzie is no-longer a 13-year-old student trying to navigate the ups and downs of middle school. At the Disney Plus’s D23 Expo event earlier this month, Hilary Duff, who will be reprising the role of Lizzie, said that Lizzie has "the perfect life right now, working as an apprentice to a fancy New York City decorator" and is preparing for her 30th birthday party, as reported by Variety. Like us, Lizzie has grown up, but her status as an adult doesn't mean us nostalgic moms, who grew up watching Lizzie face the same troubles we were experiencing, don't need a few things from her and her story.

I've been re-watching episodes of Lizzie McGuire for years, and the amount of hours I've spent watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie would, quite honestly, shock you. I can recite that movie from beginning to end, to this very day, with zero shame. So the fact that fans like me have been gifted with this reboot are what my Ronnie-inspired dreams are made of. I remember Lizzie's first kiss, her concern for Miranda when she thought she was developing an eating disorder, and her struggles with the concept of femininity after she beats Ethan Craft in an arm-wrestling match. I remember, very fondly, waiting for each new episode to be released on The Disney Channel so that I could immerse myself in the relatable, dramatic, silly moments of this classic coming-of-age show.

And now, as a mom, I'm doing the same, only I'm looking for different content this time around. While I find myself relating more and more to Jo, I know that Lizzie can and (hopefully) will offer moms like me more "OMG, me too!" moments. So with that in mind, here's what moms who grew up watching Lizzie McGuire want to see from the upcoming reboot:


Animated Lizzie Getting Real About Motherhood


Animated Lizzie was all of us. She gave us insight into Lizzie's innermost thoughts, fears, wishes, hopes, and dreams, as she valiantly faced the trials and tribulations of life in middle school.

In the reboot, I want to hear Animated Lizzie give commentary on all issues related to motherhood. It would be inappropriate to assume that Lizzie has any plans regarding motherhood, but if she has mom friends, or is still super close to her own mom, it'd be awesome to see Animated Lizzie share her "grown up" thoughts on motherhood. Remember, in Picture Day, when Lizzie's mom made her wear a unicorn sweater on school picture day? Or when Lizzie's mom took her and Miranda bra shopping? Animated Lizzie had a lot to say. I want to see that same energy now.


Info On How Her Parents Handled Her Rome Shenanigans

We all found out that Lizzie's dad grounded her at the end of The Lizzie McGuire Movie. But what were the terms of the grounding? I need to know! My own child is too young to be grounded for anything, and I'm on the fence about my feelings regarding this type of punishment in general, but I'd love to know how her parents dealt with, you know, all that. Knowing her dad, she probably didn't stay grounded for too long. After all, at the end of Season 1, in the episode titled "Gordo's Bar Mitzvah," Lizzie's mom goes on strike when she gets annoyed by Sam, Lizzie's dad, and his inability to take Matt's behavior seriously.


A Tour Of Kate Sanders's Home

We know that Kate slept "much better with the Swiss eiderdown" at their hotel in Rome. If her luxurious taste stayed the same into her adult years, fans deserve to see how she's living today. If she's in New York City too, I bet she has a penthouse overlooking Central Park... or something equally extravagant. Maybe her place was even decorated by the person Lizzie works for?

In the end, though, I'm just hoping Kate isn't a bully still. She had to grow out of that nonsense, right?


Another 'Freaky Friday'-Inspired Episode

Whoever they have Lizzie switch bodies with, I don't care: the episode would be hilarious. We'd get Animated Lizzie shade and adult Lizzie realness that would make for an entertaining episode. I vote that Lizzie switches bodies with Matt, like in Season 2, Episode 9, titled, "Those Freaky McGuires." In the episode, Lizzie and Matt switch bodies and have to go to school as each other.

In the reboot, maybe they have to switch jobs. And it wouldn't really matter what Matt's job is, the result would be hilarious regardless. Chances are he's a comedian, though. Can you imagine 29-year-old Lizzie doing standup? I'd pay to see that.


A Peak Inside Jo McGuire's Closet

Lizzie's mom was always great at making cost-effective but fashionable shopping choices for herself and for Lizzie. In Season 2, Episode 12, titled "Best Dressed for Much Less," Jo finds some clothes for Lizzie that her classmates love... much to Lizzie's surprise. By the end of the episode, Lizzie feels bad for not joining her mom on the shopping trip and rethinks what it means to be "best dressed." It'd be awesome to see Jo's style choices and denim collection via her closet. I bet she's low-key a style icon.


A Cover Of The Theme Song Performed By Hilary Duff

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Duff has released five studio albums and, yes, I love them all. I still jam to "So Yesterday," "Fly," and "Why Not" on a regular basis. While the version of "We'll Figure It Out" from the original series is a classic, it'd be amazing to hear a cover of it by Duff herself. What better way to celebrate the reboot, and Duff's music career, than with a fun cover of the theme song by Lizzie herself?


Larry Tudgeman In Government Office

When Tudgeman beat Lizzie and Claire for class president, everyone was shook, sure, but they weren't shocked. He proved how smart, clever, caring, and resourceful he was. If he's not the CEO of a company or a famous web developer, he's probably a politician. Fans deserve to see at least one scene of him in office or on the campaign trail.


Miranda's Epic Return

Miranda's absence from The Lizzie McGuire Movie left me wanting to know more about what her life was like. She was a loyal, charming, kind, rebellious girl who stood up for herself and her friends, while also being honest about her insecurities. It'd be great to see what happened to her. In Season 1, Episode 9, titled, "Random Acts of Miranda," we learned that Miranda is a talented singer, and in Season 2, Episode 11, titled, "Over the Hill," we learned that she became a talented violinist. So, like, maybe she's a famous musician now.? Or maybe she worked on her acting skills, and is now a movie star!

Either way, we're ready for a comeback and reunion that highlights her awesomeness.


More Of Sam's "Dad Jokes"

Lizzie's dad was a fascinating character. Whether he was restoring soap-box derby racers, or helping Matt earn Wilderness Cadets badges, he was always deeply involved in his children's lives. He was also always quick with the "dad jokes," and we're ready for more. With or without the help of Matt, Sam was good for a laugh in the McGuire household. Now that the kids are out of the house, it's time for fans to see how his dad jokes have evolved. Maybe we can even borrow a few for our own family functions.