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The One Mother’s Day Sex Position To Blow Her Mind

No one deserves to be spoiled more than a hardworking mom on Mother's Day. Sure, flowers, gifts, and thoughtful cards are great, but what some moms really want from their partners is a little bit of pampering... in bed. There's one Mother's Day sex position that will really show her how loved and appreciated she is, so partners, take note of the Macaroni Necklace.

You'll never look at handmade pasta jewelry the same way after hearing about the sex position dubbed the Macaroni Necklace. Mom is the necklace, in this scenario, and she perches herself on her partner's chest with her legs around their neck, in the perfect position to receive oral sex.

So what makes this position so perfect for Mother's Day, specifically? Well for one thing, mom doesn't have to do any of the work, and if there's one day a year when no mom should have to lift a finger, it's definitely Mother's Day. Plus, it puts the clitoris front and center, right where many women need it to be if they're going to get off. A 2018 study in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that about a third of women can't orgasm without lots of clitoral stimulation, while another third said that it greatly enhanced their enjoyment of sex.

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The Macaroni Necklace can be your foreplay, or it can be the main event itself, if that's what it takes to reach the big O. Giving your partner an orgasm on Mother's Day is basically giving them the gift of happiness. Seriously, it's science — Verywell reported on an Arizona State University study that found that having sex put women in better moods, and also made them feel less stressed. That in turn made them more likely to want more sex, so really, it's a win-win for both partners.

Orgasms have some other health benefits for women, too. Oxytocin levels surge after an orgasm, according to Self, and that increase can help lower blood pressure. Endorphin levels also increase post-orgasm, which can have a sedative effect that leads to an amazing night of sleep. Deep, peaceful slumber is another amazing gift that's usually pretty high on every mom's Mother's Day wish list. It's definitely the number one item on mine.

To truly spoil your partner from head to toe on Mother's Day, there are lots of other fabulous sex positions for moms to test out in addition to the Macaroni Necklace — might I suggest the Mother's Day Flowers (with both partners sitting up, with their legs wrapped around each other), or the Netflix Marathon (bent over the couch)? And don't forget a more traditional gift, too. You can't go wrong with a real Mother's Day necklace or colorful bouquet to supplement the bedroom bliss. It may be the thought that counts, but being showered with presents is sure to put a smile on your partner's face for Mother's Day — though perhaps not as big a smile as the Macaroni Necklace brings her.