Some Fans Are Really Annoyed About Jinger Duggar’s Babymoon

by Gillian Walters

Many parents, if they are fortunate enough, go on a "babymoon" (aka a relaxing trip) before their little one arrives. Although this trend is still relatively new, it seems to be catching on like wild fire. Case in point: Jinger Duggar, who is pregnant with her first child, recently enjoyed a babymoon to South Carolina alongside her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. Seems innocent enough, right? If you answered "yes" to that question, you'll probably be surprised to learn that some people are *furious* about Jinger Duggar's babymoon. As it turns out, a few fans believe Duggar and Vuolo don't deserve a pre-delivery trip, while others are suspicious about how the couple paid for the excursion. Yep, the negative commentary is a bit ridiculous.

In case you missed the news, Duggar is just a few months away from delivering her first daughter with Vuolo. It's expected that Duggar will give birth in July, just one month after her sister-in-law, Kendra Duggar, will deliver her first son. It's a hectic time in Duggarland, to say the least, and it's a safe bet that Duggar is feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. So, it's really no surprise that Duggar and Vuolo's good friends organized a babymoon for the couple before their little girl makes her grand debut. "Thanks to the generosity of dear friends, and I enjoyed some time away to relax before our little girl arrives," Vuolo captioned a photo uploaded to Instagram on Saturday of the couple posing together on a grand staircase.

Although Vuolo didn't specify what hotel the pair stayed at, some sleuths (seriously, the investigative skills here are on point) on the Counting On Reddit believe the photo was taken at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Resort in South Carolina. "For anyone wondering, I took a dive through the insta comments and someone recognized where they are. It is a Golf resort called the Sanctuary hotel - Kiawah Island and it's in South Carolina near Charleston," one eagle-eyed fan penned, according to Reddit. And it looks this commenter is right — some Googling proves the staircase pictured in the post is the same staircase at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Resort.

So, how much does a night at the resort cost? Well, according to one fan, the hotel's babymoon package runs for $450 per night. Although that might sound like a good deal for a *fancy* resort, let me inform you that the $450 rate is per person. Making matters even more interesting is that a two-night stay is required, meaning that expecting parents would shell out $1,800 for a babymoon weekend. Of course, your $1,800 will get you a lot of perks — parents can expect to be treated to a "buffet breakfast for two daily, one 60 minute maternity massage for the mom-to-be and one 60 minute massage for dad, a romantic rose petal turndown, dinner for two in Jasmine porch, and welcome amenity," during their stay, according to the hotel's website. Sounds luxurious.

But did Vuolo and Duggar's friends really pay $1,800 for the couple to go on vacation? Needless to say, some fans are *suspicious* that the expecting parents' pals paid an arm and a leg for their babymoon.

"What friend just pays $1,800 or more for this?" one person asked, according to Reddit. "Not mine, and I wouldn’t expect them to."

A suspicious commenter replied: "Their "friend" is probably TLC."

Others expressed frustration that Vuolo and Duggar are enjoying a high-end vacation.

"This pisses me off, I know it really shouldn't but it does...," someone said.

"People who don’t work going on a baby moon. I totally get it," a fan replied to the offended commenter. "What exactly are you vacationing from?"

And one fan expressed shock at the cost of the trip, writing: "Damn. I wouldn't shell out that much for a hotel unless it was all inclusive."

The problem with all of these upset comments, however, is that it doesn't really matter how Duggar and Vuolo paid for this stay. What's important here is that the couple got to enjoy some relaxation and fun before the birth of their daughter — a fact that fans should probably be celebrating instead of criticizing. Although it is interesting to consider the financial aspects of this trip (the Duggar family's financial circumstances are compelling, after all), it doesn't negate the fact that Duggar deserves some R&R just like any first time mom out there.

The upside to this controversy is that a lot of fans are happy to see the duo in relaxation mode.

"Aw! So happy for you guys! Have fun," one person gushed, according to Instagram.

Another person chimed in: "Enjoy your time before your sweet baby girl is here. Soon to be a family of 3! Praying for y’all!"

"Beautiful photograph and best staircase!! Have a lovely time," someone else added.

Whether you agree with Vuolo and Duggar's babymoon plans or not, it's difficult not to wish the couple well during this happy period in their lives. Becoming parents for the first time is an exciting milestone, and the couple deserves to enjoy this special time in peace.