The Parents Of Reddit Reveal Why 15-Month-Olds Are Legit The Worst

Forget terrible twos, terrifying threes, and all the tantrum-throwing times in between. Why aren't we talking about how awful 15-month-olds are? Now, before everyone starts bashing me for bashing babies, I love my babies. In fact, I have a 15-month-old child right now and that kid is without a doubt the best kid ever. But you know what else that kid is? The worst. I'm not alone, either, because other parents have made it a point to share plenty of reasons 15-month-olds are the worst.

Reddit user PasDePamplemousse engaged in a self-proclaimed "light-hearted vent" about the recent discovery that the "terrible ones" also exist. In fact, this user says they've never seen such a strong-willed individual. Their 15-month-old daughter throws the full weight of her body around when forced to leave preferred activities. Not surprisingly, other parents flocked to share their own experiences of abhorrent 15-month-old behavior, because solidarity is powerful, my friends.

My own 15-month-old baby, admittedly, is probably the most mild-mannered and easy-going of my three children. Yet there is an internal fire that burns, exploding out through their (we use gender neutral pronouns) appendages in tantrum-like fashion when they don't get their way. In fact, as I write this my precious 15-month-old child is screaming disgruntlement at having been removed from their older brother's back by papa. My little one throws their head back in dramatic complaint, squalling with a scrunched face for mama to come save them from this unfair persecution. Sound familiar?

Let's see what drama other 15-month-old hellions are causing, and why it's (one of the many and seemingly unending) worst stages of childhood:

When They're Teething

Teething is a real thing at this age. The inexplicable pain these kids experience would probably cause anyone to have an emotional breakdown.

When Emotions Are Too Big

I hear you, little girl! I know all about big balls of emotion.

When It's Separation Anxiety

My little one drops whatever they're doing and bursts into massive tears, complete with throwing their hands up to their mouth seemingly to catch their sobs, when I even think about looking at the door to any room we are inhabiting.

When It's Biting

OMG. OK, personally this was totally relieving to hear! My little one bites, too, and it is the damn worst. I had no idea it was a common thing, so it's really soothing to hear I'm not alone.

When It's Just Anger

Who can relate to being so angry you just want to throw your hands up in the air and scream? (Raises hand.) These 15-month-old kiddos just don't follow the oppressive adult rules that tell us we can't let it out.

You get your anger out, boo boo! Viva la resistance!

When Mama Needs Self-Defense

Relating hard core over here. I literally have scratches inside of my nose. Inside of my nose, you guys! Yesterday, I had to pry little one's fingers off of my presently-non-suckled nipple as they were apparently trying to tear off my breast via their steely grasp. Oh, dear reader, you would not believe the meltdown that happened after I covered my boob back up.

When They're Still So Damn Cute

It's the hardest thing not to laugh at my gorgeous little boo-berry when they're crunching their nose or throwing their head back in 15-month-old angst.

I swear I take your feelings very seriously, my love. You're just so damn cute!

When It's A Growth Spurt

These kidlets are growing so much. WebMD says that between 12 and 24 months, you should expect your little monster to gain between 3 to 5 pounds and grow 3 to 5 inches. That may not seem like much but that's like a third of their size! I'd be ornery if I gained a third of my body weight and size in one year, too.

When You Don't Know If You'll Survive

Solidarity, sister.

When You're Just Trying To Help Them

In the end, we're all just trying to help our kids form good habits and become good people, right? That certainly is hard given the various stages of monster-hood that our children pass through. There's some level of comfort, though, in knowing that we're not alone. All of our babies everywhere are awful. The 15-month-old stage might just be the first time we realize it.