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Theories About Why Beyoncé Didn't Announce The Birth Right Away

It finally happened. On Saturday, the news broke that Beyoncé gave birth to her twins. According to several reports, however, sources claim Bey actually gave birth earlier this week, and the theories about why Beyoncé waited to announce the birth of her twins are slowly taking over everyone's brain. They also prove one big thing — it's really none of our business.

UPDATE: TMZ reported on Sunday that Beyoncé's twins were still in the hospital for a "minor issue," but, according to a source, were "expected to be okay." Beyoncé herself was also reportedly still in the hospital, but would likely be "okay" as well, the source claimed. The outlet did not know the nature of the twins' condition. Later on Sunday, Us Weekly reported that, according to anonymous sources, Beyoncé and Jay Z had welcomed a baby boy and baby girl. The singer's reps did not immediately confirm the reports or release the twins' names.

EARLIER: I know, I know — you've been waiting months for these babies. The entire world has, actually, and it's hard to recognize the fact that while everyone has been incredibly excited for Beyoncé to give birth to her twins, she really doesn't owe anybody an explanation as to why she waited to announce the birth. Unless, you know, she didn't tell Jay Z or Blue Ivy until days later and just pretended she was at Target this whole time.

Don't worry, that would never happen. I have a feeling Bey doesn't do her own Target shopping.

While it's nobody's business why Beyoncé waited to announce the birth of her twins, that doesn't mean the theories aren't running wild on the internet and beyond. (Like your own kitchen table.) It helps to consider what happened when Beyoncé's first child, Blue Ivy, was born. After the news was broken by E! News, Beyoncé and Jay Z waited another two days before releasing their own statement, confirming that Bey had given birth to their daughter, Blue Ivy.

So what's the deal now? According to People, a source confirmed that the power couple welcomed their twins earlier this week. Which could mean a lot of things. It could mean Bey gave birth on Monday morning, Tuesday night, or even Wednesday afternoon. There's not a lot to go on here, but with a source saying "earlier this week," one can assume it happened before Thursday. Using a little bit of basic math, unless Bey gave birth to her child on Thursday evening, she's officially been silent longer than she was after giving birth to Blue Ivy. What gives, Bey? Why are you keeping this secret from the world? There are some theories. (Because of course there are.)

Something Went Wrong During The Birth

I hate to start off with a Debbie Downer kind of theory, but this is a big deal, you guys. What if the reason Beyoncé has waited to announce the birth is because something went wrong during delivery? It's a heartbreaking thought, but it happens all the time. According to the American Pregnancy Association, there are a lot of complications associated with a multiples pregnancy, including low birth weight, preterm delivery, and placental abruption. Bey might have had a really traumatic, terrifying delivery, or she might be recovering from a complication. One can only hope and pray that Beyoncé and her twins are healthy.

They Haven't Actually Arrived

I mean, it makes sense. Maybe Bey hasn't posted a stylized Instagram picture because she actually hasn't had the babies yet and the world is panicking over absolutely nothing.

She Had A C-Section

According to the American Pregnancy Association, a c-section is pretty common for twins (although it's not required), so it's possible Bey had to have one and is still recovering. After all, it's major abdominal surgery.

She's Not Ready To Share Them With The World Yet

Let's be honest, this is probably the most likely scenario. Maybe Beyoncé is just trying to give the twins, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy some breathing room before she officially breaks the internet. It makes sense, and who can blame the Carter family? If I had twins and the entire world was waiting on them, I'd want to hold them a little tighter and for a little longer and before everyone bombarded the entire family, too.

The truth is, Beyoncé doesn't owe anybody anything, no matter how excited you are for the twins. So remember these theories and give Bey and the twins their space. Soon, there will hopefully be pictures and details to officially freak out over. In the meantime, just keep sending lots of love and well wishes to the brand new family of five.