Pretend You're Baking For The Queen With These Adorable Corgi Cookie Cutters

We are about to be knee deep in Christmas cookie season. I know that I have more than a few rolls of dough in my freezer just waiting to be cut and baked. This year, there seems to be a trend of changing up the traditional cookie cutters for some more fun shapes like kittens and puppies. You just make sure that your frosting is festive, and you're good to go. Some of the cutest cookie cutter shapes I've ever seen are these ridiculously adorable Corgi Cookie Cutters from Corgi Things.

Perfect for doggo enthusiasts everywhere, these puppy-shaped baking accessories would be the ideal gift for your royal family-loving friends. For years, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had a pack of royal corgis that she loved dearly. The news that her last beloved pupper died in April of this year was a sad spot leading into the wedding of Harry and Megan. Imagine using these Corgi Cookie Cutters ($17, Corgi Things) for a royal baby-watching party, or even a royally-themed baby shower. (Or in anticipation of the new QEII corgi movie.) Honestly, though? They're just really cute cookie cutters, and if you have even the slightest skill with royal icing, they could definitely become the star of your cookie plate. Not to mention that it would be a ton of fun to do with your kids.

Not surprisingly, these cute cutters are made in Brooklyn, New York. Because if it's one thing we Brooklyn people love, it's a cute cookie with a slightly hipster angle. Serve it with locally brewed craft beer or severely overpriced coffee, and it practically bakes itself. Just be sure when you're piping the frosting that you give your corgi an ironic tie instead of a collar. Bonus points if he's also wearing a tweed vest and talking at length about this one band you've probably never heard of called "The Howlers." (They play at the dog park in Williamsburg just before the flea market opens.)

One thing I will note that I think is important: these corgi cookie cutters are not dishwasher safe. You have to wash them in warm, soapy water in order to keep them in the shape they're designed. Also, because these are made of plastic, you might want to spray them with cooking spray and dust them with a little flour before you begin cutting out the shapes. That will help it keep from sticking. Trust me, I've made thousands of cutout cookies over the years, and have used all kinds of cutters. You'll want a good, stiff dough as well for plastic cutters.

What kills me about these Corgi Cookie Cutters is one of the names for their shapes. In the set, which is a steal at $18 for three cutters, there's a Front-facing Corgi, a Classic Corgi, and, wait for it, a Sploot Corgi. If you've ever seen a corgi lie down, that's the exact sound it makes. They sort of just take a Superman pose and fall onto their bellies. It's one of life's true joys to watch it over and over again.

The corgi cookies would be adorable served alongside doghouse-shaped cookies (decorated for the holiday, of course). And if you're really gifted with your royal icing, consider doing a royal crown cookie for a wink and a nudge to QEII. Personally, I know that my kids would absolutely insist that we also make miniature dog bone cookies to feed the tiny corgis. Regardless of how you decorate these adorable puppy cookies, they're definitely going to end up in heavy rotation in your cookie cutter pantry. They're too sweet not to use.

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