Piece Together The Plot Of 'Toy Story 4' With These New Jigsaw Puzzles

Toy Story 4 is out this month, and curiosity abounds over what will happen to our beloved cast of vinyl and polyester friends. Bo Peep has returned, and I'm hoping she comes with a tale of gritty, wild adventure: Did she lose her sheep while gambling in Vegas? Has she become trained in the use of her “Bo”-staff? Will the relationship between her and Woody rekindle, or is their romance no longer in mint condition? Maybe I can find the answers to these questions hidden in a new line of Toy Story 4 puzzles.

There are new characters this time around as well: Duke Caboom (voiced charmingly by Keanu Reeves), an Evel Kinevel-esque stunt toy, Gabby Gabby (a talking doll who’s lost her voice), Ducky and Bunny, a pair of carnival prizes attached at the hip (or hands), Giggle McDimples, a pea-sized cop toy, a pair of ominous looking ventriloquist dummies, and, of course, “Forky” (a new toy made out of a spork, a pair of googly eyes, and pipe cleaners). Forky seems to undergo a bit of an identity crisis: He's a spork who gains cognizance as soon as he is created by a little girl, the implications of which are frankly mind-boggling. As Trixie the triceratops says, “I have a question. Well actually not just one, I have all the questions.”

Though the movie is coming out shortly and all my lingering q's will be answered, I still want to do some detective work to puzzle out the plot... with the help of these Ravensburger child-friendly Toy Story 4 puzzles. Available June 21st on Amazon, these puzzles are adorable, huge (one of them has over 100 pieces) and have large pieces that are perfect for small hands and developing minds. But can I analyze these puzzles, piece-by-piece, to make predictions about the movie? Are there secret, hidden messages to be found? Am I being obsessive? Maybe, but when it comes to sentient toys, I want to believe.