This Walker Plays "Baby Shark" As It Rolls, & Now It'll Be In Your Head *Forever*

There are few things cuter than a baby learning to walk, but there's something extra cute about the sweet little walkers they happily push up and down the hall — my oldest had one that I can still hear the music to in my head. If you're also looking for a memorable piece of baby gear that promises you a song stuck in your head forever and ever, you'll want the WowWee Baby Shark Melody Walker. Oh yeah, even the package proudly proclaims it — "plays the hit 'Baby Shark' song."

If your kid's just old enough to need a walker, they may not have been sucked into the vortex of the "Baby Shark" phenomenon yet, and the walker is the perfect way to do it. From WowWee, the Baby Shark Melody Walker can be pushed by your budding toddler to help their walking skills, and "Baby Shark" will be there to motivate. The song starts once the wheels are rolling, and stops when your baby stops. But once your little one doesn't use it to push, they can happily sit with it to enjoy the interactive lights and sing along with baby shark and the whole gang. The Baby Shark Melody Walker was created with kids ages 12 months and up in mind, and will launch in October 2019 for $39.99. Oh look, there's some of your Christmas shopping done already.


I know — if the "Baby Shark" song is such an ear worm, why on earth would you buy a walker that specifically plays it for your kid? The same way you buy your kid Elsa dresses even though you are officially tired of them belting "Let It Go" at the top of their lungs. Look, I'm a big believer in playing "grown-up" music for kids and letting them watch things on Netflix that aren't cartoon nursery rhymes (it's how my daughter's favorite movie became Ghostbusters), but it's absolutely OK to give into the fandom of little kids. For whatever reason, "Baby Shark" has amassed over two billion views on YouTube — a number that is so outrageous to me I still balk a little at typing it — and the trend doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. So why not enjoy the wild ride that is "Baby Shark" by teaching it to your baby through their own toys.

Besides, if they have an older sibling, chances are they've absolutely heard the song already.

This Baby Shark Melody Walker is just one of several new Baby Shark toys coming from WowWee this year. The Baby Shark Fingerling and Baby Shark puppets are bound to be huge hits, but the baby gear has also been given the Baby Shark treatment. In addition to the Melody Walker, there's also a Baby Shark-themed shape sorter for your little one's motor skills and focus.

I mean, I draw the line at a stroller that blasts the song during your walks, but if your baby enjoys the song, let 'em have it. It won't last forever, and one day you'll have to contend with far worse songs.