This 'Frozen 2' Theory Suggests Elsa May Not Be The Only Princess With Superpowers

In the wake of the new Frozen 2 trailer dropping last week, obviously that's all fans are talking about for several reasons. First of all, it was downright cryptic for an animated trailer, seemingly giving fans very little to go on at the outset. But then the wise and trust internet sleuths got to work, looking for hidden clues and deeper meanings in the trailer. This time around it seems as though some theorists might have touched on something potentially interesting. As Screen Rant reported, a new Frozen 2 theory suggests Elsa might not be the only princess with superpowers, and if it's right, it could mean a crossover movie the likes of which we've never seen in the Disney princess universe.

At the outset of the Frozen 2 trailer, Elsa appears to be trying to use her powers to cross the sea. It's dark and she's struggling to find her way, which is a bit confusing. The trailer also sees Elsa, Anna, Sven, and Kristoff in a new land where it appears to be autumn, lots of changing leaves and bright colors all around that are a stark change to the winter landscape (provided by Elsa) in Arendelle.

So here's the really interesting part: according to Screen Rant, there seems to be a new character in this autumnal landscape — a young girl to be precise. A girl who looks to be watching a young boy being lifted as if by magic from beneath the leaves.

While we don't know exactly who this mystery girl might be, some fans are exploring some interesting theories about her. First of all, she seems to have some superpowers in controlling the elements because it looks as though she is possibly channeling the wind as well as moving the boy in the air. And that could mean there would be two princesses (although again, we don't know this new character is a princess... but just go with it) who can control a particular season, as theorized by Polygon.

So would this mean there will be a total of four princesses with powers, one for each season?

There are other theories floating about, of course. One is that this is a flashback to Elsa's mother, who some believe is the source of Elsa's special powers, according to Screen Rant. Some people also think that Elsa's mother is Rapunzel's mother's sister, as Super Six Theories theorized, and since Rapunzel is one of the few princesses who also has magical powers, this might make sense.

Another interesting theory is that this mystery character will become Elsa's love interest, according to Screen Rant.

Others, as BuzzFeed reported, think it could be the child of Anna and Kristoff, which would not negate the possibility of another princess with superpowers since this child would also be a princess.

Meanwhile, fans are pretty focused on the idea of four Disney princesses with superpowers, as one Twitter thread proves.

The idea of four potential princesses with elemental superpowers holds merit, especially when you look at the crystals featured in a short scene with Anna. If you look closely, the crystal has four distinct designs on each end.

Could it be that these four designs will represent the four seasons and the princesses who control them?

Here's hoping we get some answers in Frozen 2, which is coming out in November. And I'm really hoping this theory about the four princesses could be right, because then we could have crossover movies a la The Avengers, but with amazing strong princesses. Which is obviously so much better.