the cover of the golden girls "thank you for being a friend" picture book

Thank Your Bestie For Being A Friend With This 'Golden Girls' Picture Book

While Disney is obviously well-known for their wonderful characters and tales for children, they’re coming at you now with the ultimate story for adults — a Golden Girls picture book. Perfect for when you’re sipping iced tea out on the lanai and want a fun and beautiful read, Golden Girls: Thank You For Being A Friend is here for all of your Golden Girls fanatic needs.

Julie Houts — dubbed "Instagram's favorite editor" by Vogue — drew the beloved Miami girls in a 32-page picture book, filled with the hand-lettered lyrics to the best theme song of all time, “Thank you for Being a Friend,” per Amazon. So thankfully, it’s not just a long Saint Olaf story — but I'd probably still buy it if it was. And not only is this the perfect gift for yourself if you’re a Golden Girls fan (honestly, who isn’t?), it’s also the perfect gift for your bestie: In the front of the book, it says, “Thank you for being a friend,” and “You’re the Blanche * Dorothy * Rose * Sophia (pick one) to my Blanche * Dorothy * Rose * Sophia.” And it even has a little “To” and “From” box for gifting it to your BFF. Literally the perfect gift, y’all. (Take note, friends and family.)

In addition to the lyrics to the iconic and heartwarming theme song, the illustrations inside include scenes from everyone’s favorite episodes, like the one where the girls accidentally end up at a nudist hotel on Valentine’s Day and they hide behind hearts as they walk naked to dinner (where everyone is fully dressed, of course).


There’s also the infamous scene in “The Flu” episode where they see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil while sitting on the couch in their robes (Blanche holding her headache, Dorothy cupping her ears, and Rose blowing her nose).


And who can forget the Jazzercise scene where Blanche and Dorothy bust out the sparkly Flashdance outfits for an aerobics class while Rose is happy to be in her “sweats and PF Flyers"?

This book will be right at home on your coffee table while you’re watching reruns of your favorite GG episodes every night on DVD (or is that just something I do?), but you could even share it with your kid — that is, if you want to. Teach them young about the best girls around and their hilarious antics, I say. And of course you could also buy one for your favorite Golden Girl for them to cherish forever. Golden Girls: Thank You for Being a Friend is available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Indiebound, and Indigo.