This Hogwarts Tree Topper Will Brighten Up Even The Dullest Muggle Christmas

Did you wake up this morning in a cold sweat, wondering what in god's name you're going to use as a Christmas tree topper this year? Yeah, sure, it's 104 outside and the dead middle of summer. But it's never too early to start panicking over what sort of ornamental decor you will use at the pinnacle of your Christmas tree. I mean, what's it going to be this year? An animatronic angel? A fiberoptic star? Or perhaps this elaborate light-up Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Topper that plays music and is compatible with talking character ornaments?

Yes, you read that correctly. This festive bit of Potter-themed decor comes to us via the master of holiday randomness known as Hallmark. And it's quite something to behold. Featuring a small replica of Hogwarts (8.4" W x 9.5" H x 6.9" D), the topper comes with a remote control that bears the various school crests. When the remote is pushed, the castle lights up in purples and blues. Even the little windows have a golden glow, as if a teeny Dumbledore is just inside, battling boggarts under his busy Headmaster of Wizarding schedule.

Along with the lights, it also plays the melody we all think of as "that Harry Potter music" but is apparently actually called "Hedwig's Theme." (You can also connect the whole thing to a power adapter if you just want to keep the mystical light show rolling.)

As if that weren't dazzling enough for Potter lovers, hang on to your sorting hats, folks, because there's more. It's compatible with little talking ornaments. Yep. As Hallmark explains: "Connect one or more Harry Potter Storytellers ornaments (each sold separately) to unlock additional exclusive performances from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone that you can't access with the ornaments alone!"

These additional ornaments include a little Ron, a little Hermione, and of course, a little Harry. When they're connected to the topper, the ornaments excitedly recite a short scene from the book. Like:

Hermione: "This is the third floor. It's forbidden!"

Ron: "Let's go."

Harry: "Run!"

(All scream.)

You get a better idea watching the Hallmark site's video of it in action. But no doubt, this feature is sure to blow the socks off all the little Potter fans out there.

Now, if you find yourself thinking, "This sure sounds cute, but what exactly does Harry Potter have to do with Christmas?" The answer of course is: absolutely nothing. But I mean, it doesn't have to be positioned atop a plastic fir tree. It could also go on a coffee table, on your kid's nightstand, or set out as a unique Halloween-type decoration.

The castle itself retails for $119.99. And then if you want to add the Storyteller Ornaments, those go for $29.99 a pop. Plus you'll need to get the Keepsake Power Cord ($11.99) to make the ornaments chat with each other. What can I say... magic ain't cheap. But it may be worth the cost when you see the delight on your children's faces. Or when you hear your husband scream at 2 a.m., because he just got home from drinks with his buddies, and he's stumbling around the living room and oh my God honey, the ornaments... I swear to God they're talking! They're all talking!