Talk & Glow Elsa & Olaf Literally Interact With Each Other, & It's Worth Melting For

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In the minds of many little kids, there is no better toy than a gorgeous, sparkling Elsa doll. But, what is actually better than an Elsa doll? An Elsa doll that has the ability to make Olaf talk, move, and glow, that's what. Yes, a new Frozen 2 toy is here, and this interactive Elsa and Olaf combo is so fun that your kids aren't going to want to "Let It Go" anytime soon.

To fuel your child's obsession with all things wintery and magical, Hasbro has developed a new Frozen 2 toy that perfectly captures the enchanting friendship between Elsa and Olaf. The Talk and Glow Elsa and Olaf dolls come paired together and ready for hours of playtime and friendship with your little one.

The details of the latest installment of the Frozen franchise are slowly making their way out into the world ahead of the release of Frozen 2 Nov. 22 — including the recent release of a new song that I'm sure is already stuck in your head. In the Frozen 2 trailer, scenes with characters Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and the whole crew fill the screen with the same wonderment and mystery your kids became obsessed with after the first film launched in 2013. These very characters spawned an entire empire of Frozen toys, apparel, and other memorabilia that filled kids' toy boxes and overtook living room floors all over the world. Now that they're back for round two in Arendelle, you bet your bottom dollar the newest toys associated with the film are going to be at the tip top of your child's must-have toy list this holiday season.

To begin play with the Talk and Glow Elsa and Olaf dolls, slide the switch on Olaf's head and nudge him to wake him up. With Olaf facing Elsa, lift Elsa's arm to watch the magical interaction occur. Just like she does in the movie, her magic ignites Olaf's glow and he makes one of 20 movie-inspired sounds and phrases. Lowering Elsa's arm and then raising it again allows Olaf to say a different phrase or move his charmingly cute snowman bod around. If you will recall, Elsa created Olaf, so the fact that she can control the lovable snowman with just a raise of her magical arm makes perfect sense.

Although the dolls themselves require a combined five AAA batteries to function, there is a power-saving feature built in that will put Olaf into sleep mode after approximately one minute of inactivity. To wake him back up, simply give him another nudge to start the fun all over again. Olaf likes warm hugs, so I would venture to guess that giving him one of those would also be a sufficient (not to mention fun) to wake him.

Talk and Glow Elsa and Olaf is available at most major retailers and retails for approximately $40 — not a bad deal for two Frozen characters, especially when one of them talks, moves, and glows at Elsa's command.

Your kid is going to absolutely love recreating all of the iconic scenes from Frozen (and soon Frozen 2) with Olaf and Elsa. If this doesn't sound like the most precious pairing of them all to you, feel free to go join Hans schlepping away out in the Southern Isles, while those of us who know the value of a dancing and glowing snowman relish in Elsa and Olaf's pleasantly precarious partnership.

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