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This Theory Could Explain Why Kylie Named Her Baby "Stormi"

In the days after Kylie Jenner announced her pregnancy and daughter's birth all in one post, fans immediately began to theorize about what she had named her new baby. In the running for one of the most popular theories was that Jenner had named her baby Butterfly. This stemmed from Jenner and boyfriend Travis Scott both getting matching butterfly tattoos, along with a few other butterfly hints from Jenner while she was pregnant. But today, after revealing that her daughter's name is Stormi, fans are wondering if Jenner chose Stormi because of The Butterfly Effect, which essentially puts all of the theories into one big, tinfoil-hat wearing monster theory.

If you've never heard of The Butterfly Effect, first of all, where have you been, and second of all, it's pretty simple but mind-blowing. The entire phenomenon that is The Butterfly Effect, according to the Space Telescope Science Institute website, means that something seemingly small and insignificant, like a butterfly flapping its wings, can cause something much larger, like a storm or turbulent weather. If you saw The Butterfly Effect movie with Ashton Kutcher, you probably remember this theory, but if you read the short story A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury, this may also sound familiar to you. It all boils down to something small making a huge difference in the world, whether it's through weather (the most-used theory) or something else entirely.

But all that aside, fans are speculating that Jenner knew enough about The Butterfly Effect to have it inspire her own daughter's name. Was that where the matching butterfly tattoos came from? That the tats she and Scott both got were actually tied to something bigger like their daughter Stormi? Did she wear the butterfly rings in an Instagram post during her pregnancy to symbolize that their tiny flapping was going to give way to the little Storm she was carrying inside her?

Does Jenner actually think any of this or is this wild speculation?

The world may never know. What we do know now is that Jenner shared an Instagram post this morning of her gorgeous little girl's hand (Is there anything better than baby hands?) with the name Stormi in the caption. Regardless of why she chose the name, whether it was linked to The Butterfly Effect or was just something unique and trendy that she really liked, it's actually really cute and spunky. There's something about it that I really love and I'm not usually someone who... agrees... with the names celebrities give their children. In fact, I'm usually vehemently against them (I'm looking at you, Jason Lee and your child, Pilot Inspektor), but Stormi is just really cute. It reminds me of Zooey Deschanel naming her daughter Elsie Otter — it's fun, cute, and gives it some kind of pop.

It's also worth noting that Stormi was a name many fans speculated about before Jenner's pregnancy was even officially confirmed. One tweet claimed to already know that Jenner had named her baby Storm while others wondered if the name came from the "media storm" that is Jenner and Scott's life, along with the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner family. It makes sense when you think about it, and I think that's why Stormi is such a perfect name for Kylie's little girl. If there's anything this family knows about, it's bringing a storm, whether it's a light refreshing one that reminds you of how beautiful the world actually is or one full of lightning flashes and thunder rolls to make you say, "Whoa." I am actually kind of totally in love with this name, Butterfly Effect inspired or not, and hope Stormi lives up to her sweet moniker.