This Baby Carrier Can Be Worn *In The Water* & It's The Ultimate Summer Accessory

by Cat Bowen

When my children were little, I longed for a way to wade into the water with them by my side. Low tide in the bay, when the ocean is calm, and all is sweetly summer — there's nothing more relaxing. But the most I accomplished was dipping their toes in the cool water so they could experience the joys of the salt spray against their little legs. Since then, things have changed. The geniuses at Beachfront Baby have made this water-proof baby carrier, keeping baby close to you and secure in their own little nest.

Made from performance-grade athletic mesh, this carrier stretches in only one direction to prevent sagging and maintain its safety. Worn as a wrap, it conforms to the contours of the carrier's and the baby's body, stretching easily over shoulders and around the chest and waist. This carrier is specially designed to be worn higher on the chest than a traditional carrier, keeping baby's face out of the water, and in the wearer's direct line of sight, which is incredibly important when you're in the water. Also, the carrier is designed for babies 8 to 30 pounds, so you'll get a lot of use out of it.

The wrap is also free of snaps or buckles, so nothing will be slippery or uncomfortable when it's wet. (Other than maybe you.) It's neoprene free, and there are no extraneous chemicals used in the manufacturing of the wrap, so you can rest assured that your baby is comfy in a safe, non-toxic environment. The safety tag is hidden in the tail of the wrap, and it comes in three sizes that are based on the shirt size that you wear. (S/M/L).

Did I mention it's made in America and designed by a team of moms? They know what you want.

A baby carrier that can be worn in the water is an absolute game changer. No longer will you be stuck in the 10-inch deep kiddie pool, pretending to cool off while you're getting peed on by a ton of kids you've never met before. Now, you'll be able to wade up to your waist in the highly chlorinated environment of the shallow end, getting peed on only by your own child, thank you very much. And who really cares about that? They've probably already peed all over you, maybe in your mouth, almost assuredly all over your pants, and if you're really (un)lucky, right in your eyes.

Now, this is just for gentle activities. No one is suggesting you go out to Waikiki Beach at high tide and surf the pipe with your infant strapped on like a barnacle. That would be a wicked bad idea, and very difficult from a technical standpoint. How would you even lie on your board with a baby strapped to your chest? Not easily, so don't try it.

Instead, why not strap on your not-yet-crawling but easily bored 6-month-old and go hang out under the giant elephant sprinkler with your other kids? Or, you could go to a stillwater bay and set up your low slung lawn chair in the water, and let the cool ocean current ease your aches and pains and lull your baby into a deep sleep while you read a novel. The best part really is that your arms are free to slice through the water, and you won't be exhausted while wading just shin deep.

Heck, you could even wear this thing when you find yourself needing to accompany your older child to the splash pad and you don't want to get your other carrier damp. Those things take forever and a day to dry off, and the chlorine always manages to leech some of the color from the even the priciest models. Trust me, I know.

Instead, just buy this baby carrier that can be worn in the water and have a good time.