Take This Zero The Ghost Dog Light-Up Toy For A Halloween Walk

Sure, you've got your severed arms ordered. You've got the animatronic spider dusted and waiting in the garage, ready to be positioned upon the roof. But do you know what important Halloween prep you have probably neglected thus far? Two words: Ghost dog. Yes, you have likely forgotten to add "purchase phantom canine with glowing snout" to your October To-Do list. Fortunately, the Disney Store has you covered, with this extremely cute Zero the Ghost Dog light-up toy, modeled after the beloved diaphanous dog from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I'd say Jack Skellington's cheerful phantom pooch is arguably the cutest character in the entire film. He's certainly cuter than the creepy Mayor with the spinning face. And if you have a little one (or a big one) who is a fan of the stop motion classic, this toy is sure to be a massive hit.

The dog's body is approximately 14 inches long, constructed of satin, and has posable wire ears. Press a button in its back, and magic! The nose lights up. Not only does it light up, it also has a fade mode, as well as a blinking setting, in case you're in the mood for a mini-dance party, and want to blast "This Is Halloween" and get down to the Zero strobe.

But I imagine the thing kids will really dig about this toy, is the leash. There's a solid leash that attaches to Zero's back with a self-stick strap, so that when you're holding the leash's handle, it looks like Zero is actually floating in front of you. (I know. Both spooky and adorable.) This thing will be super fun to "take for a walk" on Halloween, or any night really. For added amusement, you could also sprinkle your lawn with large mothballs, then hand your child a plastic bag and instruct them to go clean up the ghost poop. This will teach your child the value of both whimsy, and responsibly caring for a pet.

Zero could also function as a really cute little night light for little ones, now that I think about it. I'll be honest, Zero is really testing my vow to not purchase any more Halloween decorations this year. (Especially since there's also a Zero nightlight available right now.) I recently dropped $20 on a felt Venus flytrap from Target, and after staring at the felt plant with rubber eyeballs that will sit on my windowsill for one month then go right back into a closet, I promised that henceforth I would handcraft the rest of our Halloween decor. And there totally are how-to sites out there explaining how to make your own Zero. (But... who am I kidding? I know full well my handmade Zero will end up looking like pillowcase roadkill.)

The toy prices out at $28 on the Disney website, which really isn't very much for a glowing ghost dog, if you think about it. It's certainly a much safer bet than throwing a sheet over your Labrador and attempting to duct tape some LEDs to its nose. (Though if you try this, please do take video and post it on Insta.)