You Can Now Buy Unicorn Ice Cream At Target & OMG, All The Dreams Are Happening

When I was in elementary school, Lisa Frank was all the rage — and owning a coveted Trapper Keeper with Lisa Frank characters on there was the definition of cool. While I was more of a Lisa Frank kitten girl myself, my best friend was obsessed with the unicorn. She had a unicorn binder, the book bag, all the stickers, and even the pencils with the unicorn-top for an eraser. Stephanie, I don’t know where you are now, but I think you’d be excited to know that unicorns are making a huge comeback, and that includes Unicorn Ice Cream at Target. That’s right. Unicorn. Ice cream.

Along with many other ‘80s and ‘90s trends, Lisa Frank seems to be coming back, too. Is that why the elusive unicorn is such a hit again? I don’t know about that, but I do know that unicorns are everywhere, and it’s a new fad that’s getting bigger and bigger. Remember when Starbucks released their Unicorn Frappuccinos — much to the poor baristas’ dismay — last spring? This hot-pink and sky blue sickeningly sweet frappe even had sprinkles, because of course it did. There’s this Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler for your backyard, massive unicorn floats for the neighborhood pool, or your favorite lake, for all of your spring and summer needs, and even Limited Edition Unicorn Cereal, thanks to the folks at Kellogg’s. Hell, y’all, there’s even freaking unicorn toilet paper, OK? And I’m sure there’s even more amazing and magical unicorn gear out there, but there’s only so much space in one article.

So what about this new Unicorn Ice Cream? Brought to you by Target’s Market Pantry brand, this magical and mystical ice cream is only 220 calories per cup, and comes in 1.5 quart containers. Popsugar reported, “Each tub [of Unicorn Ice Cream] consists of fruity pink ice cream with a sour blue raspberry swirl, frosting swirl, and glitter candy bits.” Uh, excuse me? Did you say glitter candy bits? Sounds pretty awesome and as sickeningly sweet as the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccinos. Only this time, you don’t have to irritate your barista by asking them to make a complicated beverage to feel magical. You can do that all on your own, just by shopping at Target.

Still not enough unicorn in your life, or your local Target still hasn’t stocked its freezer section with this majestic treat? Perhaps you should make these Healthy 4 Ingredient No Bake Unicorn Cookies, from The Big Man’s World. They may be gluten free, vegan and paleo, but they sure do look delicious and sparkly. Or what about these Unicorn Poop Muddy Buddies, by MomDot, because nothing sounds more appetizing than eating poop. It does help that it’s unicorn poop, however. If edible unicorn treats aren’t your jam, you can always get a Unicorn Diffuser, unicorn manicure, or make this super magical and fun Unicorn Spa Jar from The Gunny Sack.

Grab the kids (or just yourself, let's be real) and head over to Target to grab one of these tubs of sparkly, magical, unicorn goodness. I mean, seriously. You were probably already headed to the mothership anyway. You might as well knock out all the Instagram trends by grabbing a carton and fixing yourself a huge bowl of unicorn ice cream. Bonus points if you wear a unicorn headband while you eat it and also dress in something rainbow.

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