Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk Is A Magical Must-Have In Every Easter Basket

OK, OK, OK. I know exactly what you’re thinking after looking at this cover photo. And, no, this product isn’t from Pure Romance. It’s actually unicorn sidewalk chalk in the shape of a unicorn horn, and it will definitely make your kids’ spring and summer magical. Once you get past the idea that the chalk is shaped like a horn ripped off of a unicorn's actual majestic head.

Fancy family retailer Maisonette has created a mystical magical unicorn sidewalk chalk set that includes three horns with three different color tones: a “cool horn,” a “warm horn,” and a gold- and glitter-coated white chalk horn, according to the website. And for only $15, your kids can create magical masterpieces all spring and summer long.

Manufactured right here in the USA in Philadelphia, this chalk is made with non-toxic acrylic paint, non-toxic tempera powder, and eco-friendly glitter, according to the description. They're also very substantial and will be easily gripped by tiny hands.

Still not enough magical horn power for you? Maisonette is even selling a Unicorn & Narwhal Horns Sidewalk Chalk Set, and it includes fantastic glittery and magical narwhal horns, too. Has anyone else noticed narwhals are making a comeback? Or maybe they never left and I’m just now noticing them because I have a child, but I see a ton of narwhal t-shirts, pajamas, socks, toys — and now even chalk.


Your kids’ Easter baskets will look absolutely festive, springy, fresh, and magical with unicorn sidewalk chalk nestled between the Reese’s eggs and bubbles. If you (or the Easter Bunny) really want to go all unicorn all the time this Easter, you can add in a ginormous neon unicorn yard sprinkler to cool off with after spending a sunny afternoon chalking up the sidewalks or driveway. Toss in some unicorn ice cream, unicorn float, and unicorn toilet paper to complete the unicorn-themed basket. Am I the only one who always had stuff I "needed" in my Easter basket in addition to the fun stuff? Toilet paper is totally legit, in my opinion.


Sidewalk chalk horns aren't your jam? Check out their other sidewalk chalk products like Alphabet Sidewalk Chalk, Gemstone Sidewalk Chalk, and even Cheesy Pizza Sidewalk Chalk (which actually looks good enough to eat, but maybe that's because I haven't had lunch yet). Oh, and the Cheesy Pizza Sidewalk Chalk has glitter crust, in case you still want some magic in your summer sidewalk chalk shenanigans.


Make sure you tell the Easter Bunny to hop to it and add at least one of these fabulous chalk sets to his list, because whether it's the Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk, Narwhal Sidewalk Chalk, Cheesy Pizza Sidewalk Chalk, or Alphabet Sidewalk Chalk, you'll be all set to have a creative and magical spring and summer with one of Maisonette's sets. Throw in a ginormous water sprinkler for the back yard, and you and your kids will have a spring and summer break that will be remembered and talked about for many, many years to come.