Meghan Markle's  makeup mishap became a souvenir for one royal well wisher.
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Meghan Markle Left A Makeup Smudge On A Veteran's Coat & His Reaction Was The Best

Meghan Markle is adored by so many people all across the world. But it's hard not to adore her. She is so well spoken, thoughtful, and has tons of fans, including her husband, Prince Harry. Knowing this, it's so easy to understand this veteran's reaction to Meghan Markle's makeup smudge on his coat. You really can't blame him for being so excited.

On Thursday, Nov. 7, Markle and her husband attended the Field of Remembrance service at Westminster Abbey, according to People. During the service, the couple honored the lives of those lost during the war, and visited with former servicemen and women who also came to pay their respects. This event carried a bit of a significance for the couple — Prince Harry served several years in the British Army and even deployed to Afghanistan, twice, with his regiment.

Although the couple was there to pay their respects during such a somber event, there were some smiles shared among attendees. When Markle hugged a nearly 100 year old veteran, William Allen, she had a makeup mishap, according to Cosmopolitan. When Markle leaned in to hug the man and kiss him on the cheek, she left a little smudge of powder on his jacket. This was a common mishap that Allen was more than happy to be on the receiving end of, according to Daily Mail reporter, Rebecca English.

"I'm never washing that!," Allen told reporters at the event.

Makeup mishaps happen all of the time. Lipstick, mascara, and foundation smudges always find their way to my shirt by the end of the day in some fashion or another. Markle's smudge just happened to make her way to Allen's jacket — but his response proves that he handled this like a champ. I mean, who wouldn't want to have physical proof that Markle hugged and kissed them? That is better than any kind of photo opportunity or autograph.

This has been quite the week for Markle and Prince Harry, and this outing on Thursday definitely contributed to how wonderful it has been. Their son, Archie Harrison, turned six months old on Wednesday. And that same day, Prince Harry was reportedly hinting that he might want to add another kid to their family within a matter of time.

During a surprise visit with military families on Wednesday, Prince Harry was reportedly interested in learning more about one well wisher and the dynamic between her two children, according to Forces Network. "Harry was quite interested in how things were with the second children as well, because we both have older children," one well wisher said.

During this event, the couple also revealed that their son reached two very exciting milestones — he's crawling now and has two visible teeth.

These appearances this week are leading up to Remembrance Sunday, according to People, where all of the senior members of the royal family will reunite for a ceremony to pay tribute to those who have died in wars and other national conflict.

Although Markle might not have any mishaps with her makeup at this upcoming event, she did leave a lasting impression on one veteran on Thursday — literally.