Little girl standing next to KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

The Hottest Toys Are On Sale At Walmart Right Now

Not to be one of those people who stresses everybody else out with alarming updates about how many shopping days are left until Christmas, but the holidays are fast approaching. If you or your BFF Santa Claus need a little help figuring out what to get the kiddos this year, the huge Walmart Toy Sale that's happening right now is definitely something you need to check out — especially since the holidays are fast approaching. Sorry, I guess I am one of those people.

But you guys, some of the hottest toys of 2019 are on sale in this list, including the Juno My Baby Elephant, and the Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Interactive Puppy. First of all, where was this Bounce and Spin Interactive Puppy when we were kids? I just might have to get one for my son so I can live vicariously through him. And there are so. many. toys. on the Walmart website's sale page that you'll definitely be able to find something for all of your kids, no matter their ages or interests. There are even options to have them delivered to your door the next day for free. Unfortunately, I think Walmart may have Santa beat for that one.


Juno My Baby Elephant

This baby elephant not only has a moving trunk and ears, but there are also more than 150 sounds and movements. It will be like you have a mini baby elephant living in your home. Thankfully, it doesn't include massive elephant poop that you'd have to clean up, just a toy mouse and a peanut you or your kids may have to fetch for it if they decide to throw it across the room.


Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Interactive Puppy

Like bull riding at a rodeo, but a puppy! And obviously safer. Your kid will bounce and spin while learning all kinds of things like colors, the alphabet and numbers, just from interacting with the puppy while they're riding.


Barbie Dreamplane Playset

Oh my god I would have loved this when I was a kid. I loved flying, and my mom was a flight attendant — and I think one kinda influenced the other, obviously. But for real, this plane has a pilot cabin, two passenger seats, and the snack cart all included among the 15 pieces. There are even overhead compartments for you to have your Barbies act like the other passengers on a real flight and try to cram their rolling suitcase in there the wrong way. Fun for everyone.


Little People Disney Pixar Toy Story Characters

Toy Story is one of the greatest movie franchises of all time — and this is a hill I'm willing to die on. These Little People toys are so damn cute and will be perfect for your Toy Story collection, or for something your kid can play with if you let them.


Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends

If your kid is a fan of the Kindi kids, then this toy is a must-have on your list. And this Donatina doll is pretty cool because she "eats" her cereal and donuts you feed her. Kind of like a modern Baby Alive, if you will, though less gross and realistic because Donatina doesn't soil her diaper.


VTech Stroll & Discover Activity Walker

My son loves this toy, but parents I have to warn you. That dog on there, it will talk to you all the time, even when you think you've turned it off. And the song, "I'm a puppy in this house, waiting for my best friend... " will be in your head forever more. Trust me. But at this price, it just may be worth it. My son seriously does love it and he headbangs to the songs it plays.


Little People Caring For Animals Farm Playset

I am so stoked that Little People is still making this farm set. I can't wait to get this for my kid for Christmas. I think mine may be moldy in my attic so perhaps I should buy two since it's discounted. One for my kid, one for me... I mean a collector's item.


Play-Doh Pinkfong Baby Shark Set

If your kid is obsessed with Baby Shark (and let's be real, whose kid isn't obsessed with Baby Shark?) this Play-Doh set may be able to take their mind off the song for a second to give your ears and sanity a break.


Rubies Gryffindor Robe Halloween Costume

Who says Halloween costumes can only be worn on Halloween? This discounted robe would be perfect for your kid's dress-up trunk. And if they don't have a dress-up box or trunk, get on that. My friend made one for her kid and her child has the biggest imagination of any kid I've ever met. She plays dress up and pretend for hours.


Cool Maker — KumiColors Fantasy & Neons Fashion Pack

To be honest, I kinda want this for myself, because making friendship bracelets is the coolest. As a gift for your older kids, this set is also 50 percent off, making it a very happy holiday for all.


KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

And now, the big kahuna. This massive "majestic mansion" is $113 off, and it has four levels and eight rooms to decorate and have your pretend doll family live in. This reminds me of the Barbie apartment with working elevator from the '90s — but obviously way bigger and cooler. It also comes with a 34-piece accessory pack, so you really can't beat this deal.