Whitney & Connor's 'Paradise' Love Story Is The Best Way To End Their Season

by Chrissy Bobic

Most of the time, when a Bachelor in Paradise contestant makes a late entrance, they are out of luck. By the penultimate episode of the season, almost everyone is already coupled up or at least interested in someone else. So when Whitney appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, it could have been a disaster. Instead, she raced to stop Connor from going home since he was the only guy she had gone to Paradise for and it was pretty romantic. But if you’re having a hard time remembering what Bachelor season Whitney is from, you probably aren't alone.

There are a lot of notable contestants from Bachelor Nation from the past couple of years, but Whitney was last seen on Nick’s season of The Bachelor in 2017. In Bachelor years, that’s basically a lifetime. Every season, new contestants are brought into the fold to shake things up and become Bachelor Nation stars you either love or love to hate.

Because Whitney wasn't the designated villain of Nick’s season and she didn't make it to hometown dates, and because it has been almost two years since she was on one of these shows, it’s totally acceptable to not be clear about who she is. The only thing that matters is Connor met her at Chris and Krystal’s wedding this season and they hit it off big time. In fact, it looked like she went to Paradise for the sole purpose of reconnecting with him and seeing if they had a shot.

Luckily, producers managed to get her to the hotel right before Connor left, which gave her the opportunity to make a grand romantic gesture for him. Not bad for a Paradise late arrival.

It’s not clear right now where Whitney and Connor stand, but their Paradise romance is a little more unorthodox than that of most other contestants. They met at a Bachelor wedding rather than as two Paradise contestants. Then, they both showed up on Bachelor in Paradise at different times in the hopes of seeing each other. And Whitney almost missed the chance to see Connor before he left Mexico completely. It’s a love story for the reality TV age and even if they aren't in love right now, it would warm my cold heart to see them going strong on the Bachelor in Paradise finale special Tuesday night.

Although Whitney didn't make as much of an impact on Nick’s season of The Bachelor as some of the other women, namely the final four, she does have a history in the franchise. Before she went on Nick’s season, she was already friends with Season 12 Bachelorette JoJo. The former Bachelorette lead had a since deleted photo on her Instagram with Whitney, so Whitney already had a connection to the franchise before she was cast on Nick’s season of The Bachelor.

Whitney’s time on Bachelor in Paradise is about to end as quickly as it began, but for Connor, it has been a long season of highs and lows. He was left heartbroken when Caelynn broke things off with him to pursue Dean outside of Paradise. I guess a clean shaven face and the idea of living the van life was enough to woo her away from Connor.

To be fair, Caelynn and Dean built something special before he left, but it was still awful to see Connor so hurt. He got another chance at love when he went on a date with Revian. Unlike with Caelynn, however, the sparks didn't fly.

Hopefully Whitney’s mad dash to his hotel room means the pair will reunite in time to make things work for the remainder of Paradise and outside of the show. I don't expect an engagement on the finale, but if they can get as far as exchanging phone numbers, that’s honestly good enough for me.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 finale airs on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET. on ABC.